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JEREMY WILLIAMS – a.k.a. The Editor!

Jeremy Williams is an actor and journalist.  Having graduated from the University of Hull in 2005, Jeremy has constantly pursued the creative.  His writer debut came in the shape of the well-received ‘Poppycock!’ at the Edinburgh Festival.  Other notable credits include Henry V (RSC/Pippo Delbono), The Maids (Gist) and Counterfeit Skin (JC Theatre). As a journalist he has written for publications as diverse as D’Ash, Renaissance, Who’s Jack, The Fly and Heeb.  E-mail me at

Randomly, Jeremy once got placed in the Top 10 Sexy Males in a popular women’s magazine – were they blind?

And the rest of our contributors are:-

a.k.a Deputy Editor!

I hate to say it but I take on just about anything. I have a thirst to know the answer, to know everything. And so, as deputy editor I work on all aspects of The Kaje – writing features and reviews, for the magazine and the blog, for all areas of The Kaje. I also look after the blog and make sure it keeps ticking over. My tastes are eclectic at best, and completely random at worst. Importantly, I really don’t take myself seriously! Email me at

Randomly, I hate heights but still go bouldering when I get a chance – go figure!


I’m Irish grown but, reside in Essex. An actress of reputable note so I am told and who am I to disagree! Passionate about anything creative, couldn’t live without music! You will find me at the theatre, the movies, a gig or with headphones on late at night and never without a book. A woman with an eclectic taste in all things. Email me at


I’ve always been a big fan of all things “live”, be it a small intimate production or a full-blown festival, and will as happily give my time of day to the latest too cool for school band as I will to the cheesy pop of my misguided youth. S Club 7 anyone? A self-confessed musical fanatic, this is where my role will mainly lie. There’s something about the combination of music and storytelling that reels me in every time!  

Randomly, I have miniscule size two feet!


I am a young writer who, when not off travelling the world on a shoe string, is based in London and spends her days writing and listening to music. I am currently working on make first novel. I am planning to make a documentary and retire someday in a commune where I can live off the land and write. Email me at


I love everything about contributing for The Kaje, in that I find everything about the arts a lot of fun. But in contributing, new opportunities and experiences are opened up to me and I find myself doing things I wouldn’t normally. I love reviewing all sorts of live gigs, theatre performances (not just musicals) and interviewing all the lovely people we feature! In summary, I review live gigs, theatre performances and interview people for the magazine – I love reading and would review books but read far too slow and the review wouldn’t make it to press for a year or so. I like to look for more than just what I see/hear and write a critique but try to get more to grips with the understanding of the background and why that performance came about. Email me at

Randomly, I once dressed up as a carrot (courtesy of the school librarians recommendation) for World Book day – I came as a carrot from a veggie cookbook!


10 years of journalistic ramblings have left me in constant need of an expressive outlet to deliver my views on music, film and theatre. Always ready for festival action, I’m more than at home in a field with a beat – particularly of the overtly electronic kind.

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