ALBUM REVIEW: Example “Won’t Go Quietly”

Record Label: Data
Release Date: 21.06.2010

What do you get if you cross mean producers (such as Calvin Harris, MJ Cole and Chase & Status) with Fulham born Elliot Gleave, whose initials form an abbreviation? An aspiring album from Example of course!

“Won’t Go Quietly” is the new album from Example and has recently sported its third single unto the world thus far. With singles such as “Kick Starts”, “Watch The Sun Come Up” and the album title “Won’t Go Quietly” you’d think that you would have a sense or feel as to how the rest of the album might sound… Well you’d be a little bit wrong there.

Although he has topped the dance charts twice, the album offers us a lot more than your regular  beats and hand claps than you might expect. “Last Ones Standing” and “Dirty Faces” bring an almost anthemic feel to parts of the album with their infectious and vibrant drums, whilst “Millionaires” offer the listener a considered chilled back and airy breather, where the focus is mainly drawn to Gleave’s lyrical and at times exciting style of rap. Most of the album is highly produced and polished to an inch of its life and creates moments of great pop and great dance music but MJ Cole produced track “Something In The Water tinges the album with its dark and sinister like feel bringing another layer and perspective to Gleave’s talent.

The entire record is laced from floor to ceiling with synths, ensuring it fits right in with its contemporary friends of now. However this is all the album seems to do, fit in. Unfortunately there’s nothing on the album that makes it stand out from the crowd and seems to trot along just fine  and whilst there’s nothing wrong with this (as I’m sure the tracks will be used on dancefloors all across the nation this summer, especially with “Last One’s Standing” rumoured as the next single) it does stop it from topping its rivals. Apart from the tracks that have been mentioned, the rest of the album cruises comfortably from one track to the next, creating a very radio and ear friendly record and I’m just not sure the album makes a big enough statement to make it memorable this time next year.

Rating: 3/5
Reviewer: Christopher Hall

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