ALBUM REVIEW: The Lost Cavalry “Waves Freeze To Rolling Hills”

Record Label: Two Six Heave
Release Date: 02.08.2010

The debut EP release by The Lost Cavalry, “Waves Freeze To Rolling Hills” is a peculiar offering. The indie/folk crossover nature of the EP makes the listener perk up and take stock. Boasting a glockenspiel, harmonica, ukulele, concertina (something akin to a small accordion for those that don’t know) and a melodica (which resembles the love child of a recorder and a mini keyboard) – on top of the normal guitars and drums – The Lost Cavalry really strive to provide a different musical experience.

“Waves Freeze To Rolling Hills” is fifteen minutes of indie/folk rock with the vocals of former “Fanfarlo” guitarist Mark West providing a slightly macabre effect on the listener. Just to be on the safe side I had to dig out a couple of “Soft Cell” tracks from back in the day to check that West actually had a slight Marc Almond quality to his voice. Leading the listener from moment to moment, providing a storybook effect for the listener.

The four tracks have a gentle swaying motion to them, which once mixed with the vocals of West, give the listener something different to focus on away from some of the more varied instrumentation on display. It does however mean that both ‘Oh Sally’ and ‘Secret Steps’ feel quite similar, a little bit like spinning hand-in-hand with a friend in a circle.

The best track on the EP is ‘The Elephant of Castlebar Hill’, which is a beautifully crafted track that really shows the band’s ability to tell a story within a cracking composition. Never at any moment do you feel overpowered by the vast array of instruments at the band’s disposal, something which they are slightly guilty in the earlier tracks. And more tracks like this one will surely do the band every chance to make a bigger name for themselves.

Rating: 3/5
Reviewer: Constantinos Kypridemos

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Ella Montclare “The words are no longer restricted to my own experiences”
Patch William “We were mistaken yesterday for Patrick Williams”
Lotte Mullan “You have to find solace in your own strengths”
Elisabeth Molin “Its all about looking at possibilities”
Stuart Favill “Profound and complete realism”
Keith Jack “I am now getting the chance to play the part I wanted to play in the first place”
Magic Polar Bears “There just isn’t enough money in football”
Tim Thornton “I wanted to try and bring out the ridiculousness of an unsigned band’s situation”
Hayden Cohen “The fact it’s free means that people either want to see my show or not”
The Unconventionals “Some people will always knock us for entering the X Factor”
Bruce LaBruce “I really think I am undead”
Candice Hirson “Art is the expression of the self”

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Forgotten Gems:-
Album: Ludovico Einaudi “I Giorni”
Book: Georgette Heyer “Arabella”
Film: Dark City
Designer of the Month: Loula Creates
Steal My Style: Alex
The Way I Saw It: Vancouver

Albums: The Saurdays “Headlines!”, The Lost Cavalry “Waves Freeze to Rolling Hills”, The Unconventionals “Flower to the People”, Lotte Mullan “Plain Jane”, Young & The Lost Club Compilation
Singles of The Month: Charlene Soraia “When We Were Five” and Jukebox Collective “Icon Parade”
Live Music: The Bombay Bicycle Club, Seth Lakeman, CBSO Friday Night Classics: Rodgers & Hammerstein
Theatre: The Butler, TeakShow’s Inner Nutter, Portraits of An Actress, Mum’s The Word
DVD: Otto Or Up With The Dead People, Shutter Island, The Blind Side, Psycho
Books: Gavin Esler “Power Play”, Seth “George Sprott”, Tom McCarthy “C”, Sandra Newman “Changeling: A Memoir of Parents Lost & Found”

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