The Kaje’s Top 20 Singles 2011!!!!

The charts have been inundated with stellar singles this year, so rather than waste time making small talk about tracks, we have decided to simply let the music do the talking this time around – no need for us to justify our selections. So here goes our 20-1 countdown…

20.  Jess Hall Band – Play Shy

19. Cosmo Jarvis – Gay Pirates

18. Demi Lovato – Skyscraper

17. Bright Light Bright Light – Disco Moment

16. Radio Star – A Common Tale

15. Rihanna ft. Calvin Harris – We Found Love

14. Nicola Roberts – Beat Of My Drum

13. Katy Perry – Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F)

12. Ed Sheeran – Lego House

11. Boy In A Box -Glitter, Gold, Ruin

10. Owl Eyes – Raiders 

9. Rebecca Ferguson – Nothing’s Real But Love

8. Kal Lavelle – The Ocean

7. Agnes Obel – Brother Sparrow

6. Gotye ft. Kimbra – Somebody That I Used To Know

5. Wynter Gordon – Buy My Love

4. The Good Natured – Skeleton

3. Britney Spears – Till The World Ends

2. Lana Del Rey – Video Games

1. Adele – Someone Like You

VIDEO: The Good Natured “Prisoner”

Here at The Kaje we have long since been fans of DIY Queen The Good Natured. Unafraid to experiment in all mediums of art nor to put her heart on the line, The Good Natured is the real deal when it comes to the swarms of 80s inspried contemporary artists. Her latest single is set to be “Prisoner”, inspired by Almodovar’s “Tie Me Up, Tie Me Down”. With a video exploring the necessity to change yourself to others, The Good Natured once again explains the need to just be yourself…

FEATURE: The Good Natured “I like it when an artist makes things personal.”

Interviews can often be somewhat surreal. Two people meet with the sole intention of the one finding out about the other. It is a bit like a date but without the romantic interest. However, there are occasions when a face to face meeting is not feasible and this allows for technological error.

Sadly Sarah MacIntosh aka The Good Natured and I have been unable to set a mutually agreeable time to meet, so instead we swap numbers and set a time to call. However, phone issues mean that our conversation is stifled by poor signal and constant loss of connection. Not the ideal setting for an interview, but Sarah lives up to her pseudonym and takes it all in good nature as our disrupted dialogue takes shape.

The Good Natured will inevitably fall under the branding of a new female artist joining the current swathe of successful British female soloists. Yet Sarah disagrees with her labelling. “It is quite a challenging position to be in at the moment as there are so many female artists out there, but there are also lots of indie bands. I don’t really see anyone bracketing all those together in the same way. The female artists are all really different so it is a shame that people just categorise them in one way. I honestly think they are all great but you couldn’t really put me in the same box as Florence & The Machine.”

“I used to play the violin, then the drum. It was when I was learning the drums that I started listening to all different types of music. Then at 15 I taught myself keyboard, which was only on my Grandma’s old keyboard. It was at this point that I started writing. As I wrote more I got better.” With music already running through her veins, Sarah never intentionally set out on the road to a music career. Her initial recordings were mere experiments. Like many of the current wave of electro-inspired artists, Sarah has drawn influence from the 1980s. Perhaps the reason for the inspiration is more logical than it is calculated. “My parents have an awesome record collection so I just used to listen to all of it and learned. Japan and Tears For Fears were two of my biggest influences.”

“It is quite a challenging position to be in at the moment as there are so many female artists out there, but there are also lots of indie bands. I don’t really see anyone bracketing all those together in the same way.”

A true DIY artist, Sarah started experimenting with songwriting at 15, whilst her initial recordings were all done in her own bedroom. By making homemade recordings of her compositions, Sarah started a journey of finding her own voice. “I didn’t know at first what I wanted to sound like, so I was just happy to experiment and work with whoever. But now I know more about how I want to sound.”

Having found her sound, Sarah followed the route best known to aspiring musicians today – she launched her musical alter-ego on the world wide web. Whilst the internet is swamped with music’s wannabes, The Good Natured instantly stood out. A true believer in fully connecting all elements of her project, Britain’s new DIY Queen started selling homemade EPs to her growing fanbase. “I like it when an artist makes things personal. All my Eps were handmade which allows the whole project seem more connected to the listeners.”

However, even Sarah is aware that hers is a unique approach to a career in music. As her popularity grows, so does the probability that she will not be able to maintain her self-made approach to her recordings. “The single “Your Body Is A Machine” is going to be self-released as I don’t want to lose that touch just yet. But as things grow, I probably won’t be able to continue in the same fashion. It is a shame but it would just be too difficult.”

“I like it when an artist makes things personal. All my EPs were hand-made which allows the whole project seem more connected to the listeners.”

Even if the released product loses an element of the personal touch, the honesty with which Sarah pens her material means her listeners will also get an insight into her world. “The single is about the way you treat your body. Drugs and alcohol for example. Even if you don’t care about treating your body in a bad way, it doesn’t mean someone else won’t. My ex-boyfriend took a lot of substances and I used to get really annoyed by it.”

Clearly unafraid to confront her past issues in her subject matter, she insists that not all her material will not always be inspired by a bad situation. “Obviously I am not going to have a bad experience to write about all the time, but in this case I needed to vent my frustration.”

And with that the signal cuts out for one final time marking the end of what could have been an awkward interview, but one that was met with laughs rather than annoyance.

Words: Jeremy Williams  Image: Yann Faucher

VIDEO: The Good Natured “Your Body Is A Machine”

DIY Princess The Good Natured has proved one of our most popular interviewees to date – so in celebration, here is her latest single “Your Body Is A Machine”.  For those that have emailed in with questions regarding purchase, we thought we’d answer with the video – to buy the single, you simply need to visit The Good Natured MySpace, where if you are lucky you will be able to buy one of a 100 limited edition signed singles! We say get on it right now!

NEWS: Issue 3 of The Kaje is out now!

July Issue!!

Another month has flown by – though as June ends, July begins and it seems the summer is with us! So we are certainly not complaining. A new month also brings, rather excitingly, another issue of The Kaje. As you will see, we are honoured to have Ballet Boyz grace our cover.  Read on to find out who you will find in our pages this month…

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The July issue contains:


Ballet Boyz “We are not superstars with sunglasses and fur-coats.”
Xander Bliss
“When I was young I thought art was all about money and snobbery but it isn’t.”
The Good Natured “I like it when an artist makes things personal.”
Craig Houston “We have such limited time on this planet, why waste it?”
Lail Arad “Nothing has felt like this is the moment that has completely changed my life.”
Giorgio Faletti “Luck is an essential component of success.”
Ingrid Michaelson “Be a musician because you can not be anything else.”
Monica Mancini “It was my mother, who was a singer, who really inspired me to do what I do.”
Max Hardberger “I get a chance to risk my life as much as I want.”
Graffiti 6 “We had that connection and decided to explore it.”
Dawn Foster “We have a responsibility to treat our fellow man with dignity and respect.”
Yetunde “I always describe my sound as my emotions.”

WIN!!!!: Signed Jil Is Lucky CDs, Signed Monica Mancini CDs, Ingrid Michaelson CDs, Nicky Swann CDs, Sixteen Shades Of Crazy Paperbacks, Signed Delta Goodrem CD/Posters

Forgotten Gems:-
Album: Delta Goodrem “Innocent Eyes”
Book: Ernest Hemingway “A Moveable Feast”
Film: The Piano
Jason Newton’s Life Lessons: “Positive anything is better than negative nothing.”
Designer of the Month: Helen Woodward Design
Steal My Style: Tyler
The Way I Saw It: Las Vegas

Albums: Seth Lakeman “Heart + Minds”, Stuart Newman “Single But Defective”, Monica Mancini “I’ve Loved These Days”, Katrina Leskanich “The Live Album”, Superhumanoids “Urgency E.P.”
Singles of The Month: Graffiti 6 “Annie, You Save Me”, Subset “Ambrosia”
Live Music: Lissie, Leona Lewis, Keane, Natalie Merchant
Theatre: Fresh Meat, Desert Boy, Dangerous, Amateur Transplants
DVD: Lovely Bones, Valentine’s Day, Clash Of The Titans, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo
Books: David Nobbs “Obstacles To Young Love”, Sam Bourne “The Chosen One”, Lindsey Kelk “I Heart Paris”, Rachel Tresize “Sixteen Shades Of Crazy”

The Kaje talks Latitude to The Good Natured

Having started her musical career releasing home-made CDs via MySpace, The Good Natured’s hard work paid off this year with  record deal fro Kitsune.  With lead single “Your Body Is A Machine” set for a July release, The Good Natured is hitting the festivals circuit hard. A fan of live performance, the mildly eccentric The Good Natured is sure to brighten up Latitude‘s Lake Stage.  The Kaje wondered if there were any special plans afoot.

When you think of Latitude what five words spring to mind?

It’s going to be good.

If you could only see one performance at this year’s festival what would it be?

The XX

What five items will you be bringing to Latitude?

Hairspray, Vodka, Cocopops, Sequin trousers, Camera

Do you have anything special planed for your performance at Latitude?

You know it. Always. We put the attitude into Latitude.

Latitude is five years old, how did you celebrate your fifth birthday?

In style, with a massive cake and numerous party poppers.

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