The Kaje talks global goals to San Cisco

While in the 60s the Brits invaded the world with their musical prowess, only to be superceded by the States for the remainder of the century, the Teens looks set to be dominated by a superlative invasion by the Antipodeans. While it could be argued that ex-Soapstars Kylie, Jason and Dannii dominated in the late 80s, the early Teens has been kickstarted by Gotye, Kimbra, The Jezabels and Angus and Julia Stone.. However, we would like to introduce you to Fremantle popstrels San Cisco, who we personally feel could eclipse everyone before them… Reminiscent of The Clik Clik, San Cisco have a fun bite that is sure to linger…

For those who don’t know you, tell us a little bit more about how it all came together?

I was playing shows solo around our home town of Fremantle and I decided that it was becoming a bit boring so I start playing some songs with my high school friend Josh. I then won a song writing award that gave me two days of recording time. At the same time I had been doing some jamming with Scarlett who was a family friend of mine. The recording of our first song which was ‘Rocket Ship’ was what bought the three of us together back in 2008 or whatever it was. Then we decided to play some live shows under the name of King George – this is when Josh and my very good friend Nick came on the scene to play bass. After a while of playing folky stuff we decided it was time for a change, so we had a bit of a make-over an decided to call ourself San Cisco!

How did you settle on the name San Cisco?

We liked the name San Cisco because it was like a blank canvas, in that it didn’t mean anything and perhaps we could make our own meaning to it or create our own genre of music. The name actually means nothing.

How would you describe your sound?


Who would you say has been your biggest collective influence?

The Beatles

The last year has been amazing for you in Australia, how would you sum it up?

A series of fortunate events and a lot of support to make the most of those fortunate events.

How much has the success on home turf altered your ambitions?

Quite a bit, as when I first started playing music I just did it for fun and never thought it would be more than a little hobby. I thought that I would finish school and just go to uni, but it turns out the band is way to full on for uni or a job, so I guess our ambition now is to make a living out of music for as long as we can.

The video for “Awkward” has been a runaway success on YouTube-what was the thought process behind the video?

We just wanted a simple video for a simple song.

The single is the lead off new EP “Awkward” – can you tell us about the record…

‘Awkward’ is our second San Cisco ep and I feel that it projects the sound we are going for a lot better than our first (Golden Revolver). The second single, ‘Rocket Ship’ is an old song that I wrote before the band formed and was actually the first song we recorded together. It has been re-recorded since then of course and moved down a semitone to allow for my voice dropping haha!

Which song serves as the best introduction to your sound?

Oh that’s too hard to say! Probably some of our newer songs that have not been released yet.

“Awkward” contains an Arctic Monkeys cover-how did you settle on the song?

I have always loved that song and the Arctic Monkeys. We were never really planing on doing a cover, but one afternoon we were left with nothing to do so we thought we would give it a crack.

What other songs are you keen to get your teeth into?

‘Roses’ by Outkast. It’s a great song!

What is the key to a good cover?

No idea! Personally I think a good cover is when the artist or the band gives the song their own twist, but this is hard to do without completely butchering the song. It’s not about making it better or exactly the same, you want to make it a little diffrent from the original. For example, ‘Going To Acapulco’ by Jim James from the Bob Dylan movie is a great cover.

You are now embarking on global domination – what are your hopes outside Australia?

To play lots of shows, learn lots of things and make lots of friends.

If there is one market you could crack-which would it be? Why?

The fresh produce market because we like our veggies!

What is your one goal by the end of 2012?

Release an album that we are all very proud of.

Interview by Jeremy Williams

EP REVIEW: San Cisco “Awkward”

San Cisco’s single ‘Awkward’ has already clocked up over a million views on YouTube and is set to become the second international super-hit from Australia of 2012. While Gotye may have leant heavily on ‘Baa Baa Black Sheep’ for his inspired hit ‘Somebody That I Used To Know’, San Cisco’s ‘Awkward’ channels the lesser known indie popstrels The Clik Clik to create an unforgettably frenetic, quirky indie pop number. The formula, though beg, stolen and borrowed is perfectly executed and leads nicely into the Fremantle foursome’s debut EP ‘Awkward’.
Musically ‘Awkward’ is anything but. Containing four self-penned tracks and one cover, ‘w’ is a well-executed introduction to a young band who clearly know who they are and where they wish to head.
While their reworking of Arctic Monkeys’ ‘505’ is far from inspired, the fact their only cover provides the EP lowlight is no bad thing. Of their own compositions scant a bad work can be said. With ‘Awkward’ and ‘Rocket Ship’ demonstrating the band’s playfulness, ‘Lover’ showcases the band’s aptitude for storytelling, while ‘Reckless’ opts for lyrical depth and channelling emotions.
San Cisco are without any doubt an exciting proposition. ‘Awkward’ may only be five tracks long, but each number brings a different strength to the fore. With ‘Awkward’ offering such an exciting insight, we just have to hope that San Cisco do not fall into The Jezabels trap of releasing a stellar line-up of EPs only to fall flat at the album challenge. San Cisco could be the most exciting and versatile band of the decade, only time will tell. But rather than wait patiently to see what will unravel, we suggest you simply pop ‘Awkward’ on and bop along to your heart’s delight.
Rating: 4/5
Reviewer: Jeremy Williams

VIDEO: San Cisco “Awkward”

Starting life in 2009 under the name King George, the Fremantle four-piece are set to hit the big time under the name San Ciso. Consisting of Jordi Davieson (guitar, lead vocals), Josh Biondillo (guitar, vocals), Nick Gardner (bass), and Scarlett Stevens (drums, vocals), the troupe’s sound centres of lo-fi pop with catchy hooks-with single “Awkward” leading the way as an example of what is yet to come. Musical marmite, the infectious chorus is an earworm and we warn you will be singing this for days-whether you love it or hate it. Here at The Kaje we love it so you will hear no complaints from us!

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