The Kaje Tips For The Tops 2012!!!!

Each new year is filled with questions – simply because everybody wants to know what will happen. While we are completely incapable of predicting the future, here at The Kaje we thought we would take a brief moment to highlight a selection of music acts that we hope will breakthrough to the big time in 2012…

20. Asami

Former Popstars (Australia) contestant Asami took time out from the reality TV circuit to become a Yoga instructor and battle health issues before deciding to recruit some close friends and relaunch her music career. With two EPs already under their belt, 2012 could easily be the year for Asami to break through with their bright and breezy pop.

19. The Jezabels

Having already conquered their home country of Australia, university pals The Jezabels have now set their sights on world domination. With a growing fanbase on these shores, it is only a matter of time before they become household names.

18. Frank Ocean

Having honed his craft as a member of OFWGKTA, Frank Ocean is now perfectly placed launch his debut effort into the mainstream. More than just another rapper, Frank Ocean eloquently assesses society in his touching numbers.

17. Michael Kiwanuka

With a support slot for British soulstress of the moment Adele already under his belt, Kiwanuka is all set to make 2012 his own. A man who can send shivers down your spine with one single note, Kiwanuka will move you beyond the realms of the possible.

16. Poppy & The Jezebels

Birmingham school friends Poppy & The Jezebels nearly broke the big time a couple of years back. However their big break never quite arrived. Rather than give up the ghost, the quartet headed back to the drawing board and are finally ready to unleash what promises to be a blinding debut.

15. Strangers

The Departure’s David Jones is another former nearly-but-not-quite who is far from ready to give up his musical goal. While disheartened by his mainstream failure, he decided to continue in his quest and it appears he has found strength in his darkest hour. Strangers are better than anything he has done to date.

14. Antonio Lulic

Antonio Lulic is an act who knows how to use social networking. Having first come to The Kaje‘s attention after we saw a tweet that fellow singer/songwriter Ben James Miller had tattooed Lulic’s lyrics on his arm, we turned to YouTube to find out more. And boy were we blown away…

13. Jack Robert Hardman

Jack Robert Hardman’s simple and straight forward approach to home recording has to lead a wealth of vocally charged folk pop that hits all the right marks. His debut single “Famous” is all set for a January release and we just hope he gains the radio play he so rightly deserves.

12. Blue Angel

London’s Blue Angel first came to our attention with the stirring “43 Days” which documented violence on a London bus. With subtle beats blended with a blinding vocal, we were equally excited by the follow-up “Beautiful Day”. With a promise of an album in 2012, here at The Kaje we are already salivating with excitement.

11. Henry Johnson

Henry Johnson may be familiar to some of you from the disturbingly frank documentary “We Need To Talk About Dad”, however there is much for to Johnson than a troubled past. Johnson is a frank, honest and uplifting singer/songwriter who makes you smile and cry simultaneously.

10. Stooshe

X Factor’s Little Mix may have already been hailed as the next big British girl band, but we think these three Londoners may well beat them to the crown. Fresh and funky but in a good way.

9. Radio Star

Melbourne’s Radio Star may also be known as The Sunny Days, but regardless of what pseudonym they use, they create fun 80s inspired indie pop that has been missing from the 80s revival. With the boys relocating to Europe in April, we suggest you get your hands on their eponymous EP in preparation for the explosion.

8. Parnell Page

Parnell Page is another upcoming who came to The Kaje‘s attention through social networking. Having seen a tweet about his Saint Saviour cover “Fallen Trees”, we immediately went on the hunt for the haunting vocalist’s original material. If this Jack Hawitt penned number is a taster of what is to come from his debut EP then we are truly unable to contain our excitement.

7. Bobbie Gordon

Another upcoming British talent with an Adele connection. East London’s Bobbie Gordon spent time as Adele’s backing vocalist, before facing up to her own secret ambitions. With Adele advising her to chase her dreams, Gordon left the tour and has just released an unbelievably brilliant EP.

6. Ronika

Nottingham’s Ronika caught our eye with one of the most unique and eye catching press shots ever. But this stunning sensation is far more than just an eye pleased. With incessantly catchy tunes, Ronika is going to get stuck in your head and make you shake your bootie through 2012 and beyond..

5. Bastille

Dan Smith, aka Bastille, has a vocal to die for. The Kaje are rarely left speechless, but the moment we first heard his awe-inducing “Laura Palmer” we were dumbfounded. We were listening to the voice of the future and we knew it. Be prepared as Bastille is about to explode.

4. Alfie Ordinary

Alfie Ordinary has spent 2011 completing his degree while balancing performances at festivals up and down the country. With his distinct brand of acoustic pop having worked up a frenzy of fans, Alfie Ordinary is finally ready to release an EP and we suggest you sign up for it now before it sells out.

3. Lianne La Havas

Lianne La Havas is a name you may well already know. With a Jools Holland appearance and a Willy Mason duet already under her belt, La Havas and her silky smooth vocal are set to dominate the airwaves far past 2012.

2. Jess Hall Band

Swindon’s Jess Hall Band are just four teenage mates having a lot of fun while making tender and tempting tracks. Their debut single “Play Shy” saw them break Radio 1, but with tracks like “Grace” up their sleeve, it is obvious that there is a lot more to come from this troupe.

1. Kal Lavelle

Kal Lavelle has been working the live circuit for several years. Having watched her best mate Ed Sheeran break through to the big time last year, Lavelle’s time in the spotlight is more than overdue. Having experienced chart success alongside Artful on “Could Just Be The Bassline”, Lavelle’s debut EP “Shivers” has seen her ride to the top of the iTunes chart, now we just have to hope her upcoming album tops the Official Charts in a similar fashion. True talent always wins through in the end.

The Kaje’s Top 20 Singles 2011!!!!

The charts have been inundated with stellar singles this year, so rather than waste time making small talk about tracks, we have decided to simply let the music do the talking this time around – no need for us to justify our selections. So here goes our 20-1 countdown…

20.  Jess Hall Band – Play Shy

19. Cosmo Jarvis – Gay Pirates

18. Demi Lovato – Skyscraper

17. Bright Light Bright Light – Disco Moment

16. Radio Star – A Common Tale

15. Rihanna ft. Calvin Harris – We Found Love

14. Nicola Roberts – Beat Of My Drum

13. Katy Perry – Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F)

12. Ed Sheeran – Lego House

11. Boy In A Box -Glitter, Gold, Ruin

10. Owl Eyes – Raiders 

9. Rebecca Ferguson – Nothing’s Real But Love

8. Kal Lavelle – The Ocean

7. Agnes Obel – Brother Sparrow

6. Gotye ft. Kimbra – Somebody That I Used To Know

5. Wynter Gordon – Buy My Love

4. The Good Natured – Skeleton

3. Britney Spears – Till The World Ends

2. Lana Del Rey – Video Games

1. Adele – Someone Like You

WIN! Signed Jess Hall Band EPs!!

The Jess Hall Band may only just be on the cusp of releasing their debut EP “Play Shy”, but the Swindon based quartet are without any doubt one of 2012’s bands to watch. Having already graced the Radio 1 airwaves with the EP’s title track, their distinctive take on folk-pop sets them aside from their peers. Here at The Kaje we have been lucky enough to get our hands of some signed EPs – so if you want to grab a copy then simply tell us what song the group sang for their The Kaje Session. Answers to by Tuesday 29th November.

FEATURE: The Jess Hall Band “”Basically David found me on the internet, on YouTube, and a few months later signed me as a solo artist.”

“Basically David (Steele – the band’s manager) found me on the internet, on YouTube, and a few months later signed me as a solo artist. Then he asked if I would like a band and I just said yes.” Jess Hall is not just another YouTube phenomenon. Rebecca Black may have set the bar for ‘success’ earlier in the year with her unexpected super flop “Friday”, but not everyone who uses the interactive video site is quite so calculated in their approach. Though Black may have hit the headlines for her autotuned attempt at pop success (in her defense she is no more or less talented than many of today’s autotuned pop starlets out there), just a quick listen to any of Hall’s home-made clips and it becomes clear as to why she was so quickly snapped up. Boasting a crisp, colourful vocal, Hall oozes effortless appeal and bursts with irresistible charm. However, the modest teenager from Swindon was far from seeking the solo spotlight as she knew her closest pals were equally talented. She continues, “I knew exactly who I wanted, so it just went from there.”

“They are like my comfort blanket.”

“It is much more fun, to be honest. It is so much better. I get so nervous on my own. I need them. They are like my comfort blanket,” giggles Hall. With best buds Alex Stone (Guitar/Vocals), Andy Vincent (Bass) and Stefan Pysanczyn (Drums) firmly installed by her side, it is obvious for any onlooker that their genuine love for each other is at the core of the project.

With the core ingredients having blossomed beautifully, the quartet have found themselves suddenly thrust into the limelight ahead of time. Having won praise for their debut single “Play Shy” (lifted from the EP of the same name) having come to the attention of BBC Introducing, BBC Radio 1 wasted no time in giving the track its first championing forcing the group to settle on a name – The Jess Hall Band. Hall explains, “We tried for a different band name but we got given a time limit and it was before Radio 1, but we couldn’t think of anything. We didn’t want to settle with a rubbish one so we just whacked band on the end of my name.”

“I wouldn’t want to do it without these guys,” explains Hall when asked about what the boys had brought to the table. Veering away from the specifics, she smiles at her co-writer Stone to respond in detail. He is beaten by Vincent, who interjects, “bass” causing the quartet to descend into giggles before Stone offers, “It gives it a fuller sound. We bring different ideas to the table.”

“I am really not sure how it all happened.”

Talking about the track that has brought them all the attention, Hall explains, “we wrote Play Shy with Guy Sigsworth, who writes with Madonna and Bjork. We co-wrote that in May and then Radio 1 liked it. I am really not sure how it all happened.” Whereas Stone is happy to explain the process, “The de-de-de-de bit is something I wrote a long time ago. I was playing it at the sessions in Fulham and I was told to turn it into a song, so I wrote a verse and at the next session we worked together to turn it into a song.”

“Songs like ‘Grace’ were mine before I joined the band. I gave them to Jess, but all the other tracks were co-writes between Jess and other people.” With their debut EP all ready to be unleashed, Stone and Hall are happy to share the writing credits. In a band without any ego, the enjoyment is apparent. The Jess Hall Band are just four talented teenagers from Swindon who are embarking on the ride of their life.

“Play Shy” is out now on iTunes.

Words and Images: Jeremy Williams

The Kaje Sessions: Jess Hall Band

The Kaje Sessions presents Jess Hall Band. After lead singer Jess Hall came to the attention of record executives following a spree of captivating YouTube performances, she decided that the solo route was not her true intention. Before long she had recruited best buds  Alex Stone, Andy Vincent and Stef Pysanczyn. The rest as they say is history… With debut single “Play Shy” already impressing Radio 1 listeners, the pals headed around to Jess’ to record “Grace” for The Kaje Sessions.

Where did you record The Kaje Session?

We recorded the session in my bedroom!

What made you choose to use this location?

First choice would have been the lake by my house where I’ve written a lot of the songs, but it was horrible outside so we chose my room, as that’s pretty much where I live an I have written a silly amount of songs in there.

What is the most unusual live date you have ever played?

Ummm, somehow we ended up supporting 10CC! That was pretty odd. Camden Proud was unusual for us as well, mainy because we’d never been to Camden and it’s a weird and wonderful place! Also the fact we played in a jazzed up stable was pretty cool!

What made you choose “Grace” for the session?

We chose “Grace” because it’s been in our set for as long as we’ve been together, so it’s pretty close to us and means a lot.

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