VIDEO: Nell Bryden “Sirens”

It is hard to believe that 11 years have already passed since 9/11. The collapse of the World Trade Centre in New York sent shockwavaes around the world, and left a hole at the very heart of the Big Apple. With a wealth of documentaries being shown on television this week trying to understand the event, and exploring the aftermath, here at The Kaje we have been most touched by New York’s Nell Bryden who has penned “Sirens” as a tribute to her city. The subtle, understated ballad is lyrically charged without driving home the point. Bryden explores her personal aftermath, as well as those of her city folk. Beautifully understated, Bryden brings the tears without the need for graphic fears.

ALBUM REVIEW: Louise Latham “Reclaimed”

Boasting the whimsical lyrical innocence of Lotte Mullan and the colourful vocal of Paula Cole, Cardiff native Louise Latham is an exciting musical prospect. Chirping “I’m not a saint”, on the opening track (“Saint”) of her debut album “Reclaimed”, is an angelic presence whose protestations hang curiously in the air. Who is Latham? What has she to say? Why so adamant as she makes her introduction? As soon as her proclaiming ceases, she kicks into the dancey come-on “Melt Me Down Like Chocolate”, and it is clear that her duality oozes appeal.

Latham’s easy on the eye and easy on the ear appeal is immediately apparent, but what makes her such an interesting artist is that she can bolster the power like Nell Bryden, reign it all in like Ane Brun but most importantly tell a story like the unforgettable Eva Cassidy.

While “Erase Me” provides the album’s low point mid-way through proceedings, Latham rarely slips up in the album’s structure. Though the lush subtleties of “Together Tonight” form the album highlight, the country strut of “Young Boy” and whirl of “Melt Me Like Chocolate” make a strong case for Latham to explore the Paula Cole as opposed to Sarah MacLahlan within.

Rating: 4/5
Reviewer: Jeremy Williams

ALBUM REVIEW: Nell Bryden “Shake The Tree”

Nell Bryden was born to a musician mother (Jane) and artist father (Lewis) in Brooklyn, New York, but before losing her heart to the folk/jazz fusion that defines her sound, Bryden spent 10 years learning cello before falling for Opera. However, upon discovering Janis Joplin and Jimi Hendrix, Bryden’s musical passions altered as she discovered the importance of self-expression through lyrical composition. Despite her discovery, Bryden was in no hurry for global superstardom, opting instead to study English Literature and pursue other passions. However, disasters, both natural and man-made, altered her perspectives and positions once again-with 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina both leaving Bryden displaced but inspired. Before she could blink her eyes, Bryden found her compositions had led to support slots for Counting Crows and KT Tunstall, alongside the release of her debut album “What Does It Take?” Fast forward three years, critical acclaim and a growing fanbase lead us to Bryden’s sophomore effort “Shake The Tree”.

“Shake The Tree” is far more than a simple growth of an artist. While it is fair to say that the folk and jazz influences are still at the fore, Bryden really shines on the country-tinged, with the romp-a-rific “If I Forget” and distinctly lush “Couldn’t Love You More” epitomising all that is right with “Shake The Tree”.

What sets Bryden apart from her contemporaries is that she is more than just a pretty songstress or an impressive set of lungs. She may have the power in her vocal, but every song is coloured with emotion. Bryden draws you in immediately and takes you along with her on the twists and turns of her journey.

“Shake The Tree” certainly boasts highlight moments, but it steers clear of any need to fast forward. From the tear inducing “When A Heart Breaks” through to the questioning “Mercy On Me”, Bryden knows how to engage and entertain.

“Shake The Tree” is colourful, cute, candid yet still packs a punch. A record collection is simply incomplete without it.

Reviewer: Jeremy Williams 

Single of the Week: Nell Bryden “Buildings And Treetops”

Prepare to be launched into a soothing, yet swirling sense of euphoria. New York born, London based singer/songwriter Nell Bryden is back and better than ever. Her floaty new single “Buildings And Treetops” is just a taster of her new album “Shake The Tree”, and boy does that excite us! Sit back, relax  and prepare to fly!

VIDEO: Nell Bryden “Buildings and Treetops”

Nell Bryden is a blomde bombshell who means business. A talented vocalist, stirring songwriting and perfect performer, she more than ticks the boxes. Having scored unanimous praise for her album “What Does It Take?”, Bryden is back and better than ever on new album “Shake The Tree”. While you may have to wait a few weeks to hear the record in its entirety, here at The Kaje we have a taster of what you can expect…

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