The Kaje talks break-ups to Mark Hole

A few weeks ago we received an email about a singer/songwriter called Mark Hole. We knew nothing of the name, nor did we have high expectations for his oddly titled single ‘Torture Garden’. But within moments of clicking the link contained within the promotional email we had fallen in love with his ode to the break up. Far from angry or resentful, without the need to wax lyrical about his former flame, Hole’s offering was honest, meaningful and moving. It left us wanting more. Thankfully he fulfilled our initial craving with his rendition of “Stupid Love” for The Kaje Sessions and has since taken time out of his schedule to tell us a little more about both himself and the tender ‘Torture Garden’…

Your current single is ‘Torture Garden’ – can you tell us a little about the track…

Yeah sure, ‘Torture Garden’ is a break up song, yet it celebrates love. It doesn’t stem from hate or negativity like many of these songs do. It merely speaks the truth that she is wonderful but isn’t right for me and vice versa. I’m all about the love!

‘Torture Garden’ is a very open response to a break up – is songwriting a form of emotional release for you?

Indeed it is. When the break up happened I was consumed by everything I had done wrong and all that I could have done better. This was my way of putting things right. After I’d finished writing I could sleep again.

Do you feel vulnerable when releasing such an honest track for public consumption?

No and a little bit yes. I do feel something, and from time to time think “God, this is a bit heavy isn’t it?! There was no need for that!” I mean do I really need to do this? I think, yes… These things need to be heard.

For those who have not heard your work before, how would you describe yourself as an artist?

Just think of me as a singer song writer called Mark Hole, who’s a little emotional but likes to entertain more than he likes to cry. Just listen, buy my records and get yourself to a gig. I won’t let you down.

What has been the most memorable description of your work to date?

Playing to 3 and half thousand people at the Royal Albert Hall.

Who would you say have been your main influences?

This is always a strange question to me as the people I sound like I’ve never heard of. It’s only from playing my music that people say I sound similar to Rufus Wainwright, Randy Newman Jeff Buckley, who I am all now addicted to. I did listen to a lot of music with my mum like Queen, Abba and Elton John… I love them all just like I love my mum! Oh and I think Ben Folds Five must have influenced me. But then again everything influences our taste, does it not?

What would you say is your ultimate goal?

My ultimate goal is to live and breathe music to infinity and beyond, but to headline Glastonbury would make my life.

With that in mind-what can we expect next from you?

My new album “Always Follow Your Heart”

More information can be found at

Interview by Jeremy Williams

The Kaje Sessions: Mark Hole

The Kaje Sessions presents Mark Hole. London based singer/songwriter Mark Hole has just unleashed this year’s most heart-breakingly beautiful ode to break-ups “Torture Garden” (move over Adele!), but with a stack of new material set to be unleashed over the next few months, here at The Kaje we are feeling more than a little privileged to have an exclusive home recording of “Stupid Love” especially for The Kaje Sessions.

Where did you record The Kaje Session?

In the rehearsal room at my house….. My flat mate was skills behind the camera.

What made you choose to use this location?

This is where my piano lives, where it’s warm and tea and cake is available. I didn’t really choose the location. It just made sense to do it there.

What is the most unusual live date you have ever played?

The most unusual live date I have ever played was on an airplane. A fan spotted me and requested I sang for her, so I did…. not before long I had all the passengers and crew singing along. Afterwards, I was the talk of the town, sold 7 Albums and even a got an offer to stay with an older woman for the weekend. I politely declined and simply blew her a kiss.

What made you choose “Stupid Love” for the session?

My flat mate loves this song and after holding a knife to my throat I thought I’d better sing it…. That’s why I look really scared….. This is looking to be the next single.

Single of the Week: Mark Hole ‘Torture Garden’

Heartbreak is far from new terrain for the songwriter. Many of the greatest songs ever have been born out of a broken heart. From ABBA’s sing along “The Winner Takes It All” through to The Clash questioning “Should I Stay Or Should I Go”, the lament takes on various forms. However, here at The Kaje we have always had a real soft spot the singer/songwriter with their heart on their sleeve… Therefore we thrust Mark Hole centre-stage as he sends tingles down our spine with the truly magnificent “Torture Garden”.

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