The Kaje Sessions: Benny Marchant

The Kaje Sessions presents Benny Marchant. Far from a newcomer to the music world, Marchant formed his first band NRG with a group school mates, which lead to gigs all over the globe, however, post-Graduation NRG split and Marchant relocated to Nashville to pursue his musical dream. After scoring minor success on local radio, Marchant relocated once again to Southern California where he found success awaiting him. With the So. Cal. crowd cheering him on, Marchant has set his eyes breaking Europe and as our The Kaje Session in the park shows, Marchant may not have to have to wait too long…

Where did you record The Kaje Session?

Queensway, Kensington Gardens.

What made you choose to use this location?

I was excited to get an opportunity to explore London and perform outside of a studio!

What is the most unusual live date you have ever played?

My College Alumni Festival.  Was interesting playing in front of all of my friends and family .

What made you choose to sing ‘Be With You’ for the session?

This is one of my favourite songs to sing live!  This setting seemed like a great place for it.

The Kaje Sessions: The Ex Senators

The Kaje Sessions presents The Ex Senators. Having been blown away by The Ex Senators  latest single “Start A Fight”, The Kaje could not resist hooking up with D-Mac and Van when they hit London for a brief visit. With a promise that they will return later in the year for a full-blown UK Tour, we jumped at the offer to record an exclusive performance of album track “Angel”, a number which immediately highlights the group’s versatility. With the album set to hit in August, we hope you enjoy this spine tingling rendition…

Where did you record The Kaje Session? 

At St James Square in London. 

What made you choose to use this location?

We needed a quiet space in London and St James presented itself quite nicely at the time. 

What is the most unusual live date you have ever played?  

Too many to count. But most recently we played an acoustic set at a club while the Semi final with Spain in the Euro’s ran long And we had to start the set while the giant screen was on above us.  So in mid song the whole crowd yells Oi!  Or a big “aaaaah”.  And you kind of look over your head to see who scored.   

What made you choose song title for the session?

Since The Kaje so kindly featured our first single “Start A Fight” last month we thought it best to play the next single “Angel” which kicks off the album.  Incidentally the album kicks off August 7 at online retailers everywhere (shameless plug there!).

The Kaje Sessions: Jessica Clemmons

The Kaje Sessions presents Jessica Clemmons. Houston’s Jessica Clemmons has adopted the UK as her second home.Having spent time recording her debut album “Permanent” on these shores, Clemmons built her fanbase with support slots for both The Soldiers and The Stylistics. Currently back at home in Houston, Clemmons is set to unleash her sophomore album this summer and here at The Kaje we cannot wait! To tantalise and tease, Clemmons has kindly recorded this fab session for us…

Where did you record The Kaje Session?

I recorded this in my brother’s house in Houston, TX.

What made you choose this location?

My family is very important to me so I like to include them when I can. My brother was also kind enough to accompany me on the guitar. Plus the acoustics are fantastic!

What is the most unusual live date you have ever played?

I did a club tour a couple of years ago and was performing at one at about 2am. I get on stage ready to rock the house then I notice two very tall (at least near 7  feet tall in heels) drag queens to either side of me performing as my dancers. Needless to say, I’ll never forget that gig!

What made you choose “Beautiful” for the session?

This song is my first single from my new album “Loving This Day” and it’s very close to my heart. In a day where women judge themselves based on what magazines and television tell us to look like, I feel it’s important to convey a positive message. Especially to the younger generation.

The Kaje Sessions: Mark Hole

The Kaje Sessions presents Mark Hole. London based singer/songwriter Mark Hole has just unleashed this year’s most heart-breakingly beautiful ode to break-ups “Torture Garden” (move over Adele!), but with a stack of new material set to be unleashed over the next few months, here at The Kaje we are feeling more than a little privileged to have an exclusive home recording of “Stupid Love” especially for The Kaje Sessions.

Where did you record The Kaje Session?

In the rehearsal room at my house….. My flat mate was skills behind the camera.

What made you choose to use this location?

This is where my piano lives, where it’s warm and tea and cake is available. I didn’t really choose the location. It just made sense to do it there.

What is the most unusual live date you have ever played?

The most unusual live date I have ever played was on an airplane. A fan spotted me and requested I sang for her, so I did…. not before long I had all the passengers and crew singing along. Afterwards, I was the talk of the town, sold 7 Albums and even a got an offer to stay with an older woman for the weekend. I politely declined and simply blew her a kiss.

What made you choose “Stupid Love” for the session?

My flat mate loves this song and after holding a knife to my throat I thought I’d better sing it…. That’s why I look really scared….. This is looking to be the next single.

The Kaje Sessions: Cosmo Jarvis

The Kaje Sessions presents Cosmo Jarvis. When Harrison Cosmo Krikoryan Jarvis released his debut album “Humasyouhitch/Sonofabitch” back in 2009, it was immediately apparent that the Wall Of Sound signing was not an artist who would be easily placed into a box. His debut album crossed genres and allowed Jarvis to build a fanbase for both his musical aptitude, but also his filmic creativity. Having recently released his sophomore LP, “Is The World Strange or Am I Strange?” to critical acclaim, Jarvis is back at home in Devon editing his debut feature “The Naughty Room”. But just because he is busy working away in the editing suite, it does not mean Jarvis doesn’t have time to come out and play. While we have already awarded his current single “She Doesn’t Mind” with Single of the Week status, Jarvis lets us in to his sensitive side with this gentle take on “Saturday”…

Where did you record The Kaje Session?

My living type room/excuse for a studio type area in Paignton, Devon.

What made you choose to use this location?

It is where my recording equipment is and it was already set up because I’m recording a bunch of other shit at the moment for the next album.

What is the most unusual live date you have ever played?

The pub shed in Dagenham. It’s some friends of mine who wanted a house party gig. So we turned up and they had a fucking pub in their garden, inside a garden shed. Amazing folks. It was properly built and everything with like pub ornaments everywhere and a bar and beer and an area for us to play.

What made you choose “Saturday” for the session?

Tired of playing my other stock acoustic session type songs. How many times can a person play “Gay Pirates” and not want to rip their own oesophagus out. And also because “Saturday” is kind of better for acoustic type deals anyway. You know? Being fairly minimal and all that.

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