NEWS: Lissie Unveils First Ever Interactive Weather Controlled Music Video

Lissie has unveiled a new interactive music video featuring her and band performing a live version of the single Cuckoo – from her album “Catching a Tiger”.

The video allows viewers to see Lissie’s performance affected by live weather from anywhere on the globe, by choosing locations on a map whilst the video is playing.

Lissie then battles through the elements in the weather studio, depending on where the user has chosen, proving Lissie can be enjoyed whether your summer has been a scorcher or a washout (or you’re in the north pole).

Cuckoo is out on August 30th on Columbia Records. It features the much sort after cover of Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance.

‘Catching A Tiger’ is out now.

The Kaje talks Summer Sundae Weekender to Lissie

Lissie may have only just released her debut album “Catching A Tiger”, but the Illinois girl has been on the music circuit for a long time – with notable highlights including a Lenny Kravitz support slot and a Grammy nomination for the Deadmau5 remix of her Morgan Page collaboration “The Longest Road”. With her next six months pencilled to be spent in the UK, Lissie plans to make the most of the summer sun by spending the time performing at a host of festivals. When The Kaje caught up with her, she was all excited about Summer Sundae Weekender

Summer Sundae Weekender kicks off in August. Whats your favourite thing about summer festivals?

When it comes to summer festivals, I love how crowds of strangers work together to pull off a great experience.. Where the dynamic and comradery of the attendees is just as important as the acts themselves!  Plus, wandering around barefoot in the same outfit for a few days on very little sleep, all unkept gives one a sense of being primitive, of freedom. There is something invigorating and life affirming about it.

What can we expect from your show?

An earnest and super charged performance, with both tender moments and rocking, red in the face ones!

Summer Sundae is renowned for showcasing emerging talent. Which new band are you most looking forward to catching?

As far as new bands I don’t know about yet… I’ll have to figure that out as I go along but I just got off the road with “The Low Anthem” and they are incredible, so I’m excited that they’re playing Summer Sundae as well.  I look forward to seeing them do their thing in a festival setting on the other side of the ocean!

The festival has also been graced by legends like Patti Smith, Billy Bragg and Chrissie Hynde. What is your fondest festival memory?

Wow!  That’s amazing!  My fondest festival memory happened in Tennessee at Bonnaroo when I was nineteen.  All three days, I just ran around taking it all in… Then when I got tired, I’d just go out in a field and lay down and nap.  It was like some sort of utopia for me at the time.  It was pretty hot and sunny the whole way through and then on the last day it poured rain for five minutes which was the perfect way to cool off, get clean, and wrap it all up.

The festival turns ten this year how did you celebrate your tenth birthday?

Happy birthday!  Funnily enough, I was Annie in the musical “Annie” when I was nine and ten. I had a performance on the night of my tenth birthday and all my friends came to watch. Afterwards we went next door to this comedy club called Comedy Sportz where we ate pizza and caught a show.  My hair was dyed red at the time. Its a trip to pull out pictures from back then!

VIDEO: Lissie “Bully”

It would be easy to bracket Lissie with the pretty blonde pop singers, provided by record companies to brighten up the charts with radio friendly pop hits. But within minutes of listening to Lissie’s dreamy debut “Catching A Tiger” and you realise just how wrong you are. Sure enough, “Catching A Tiger” boasts two radio inoffensive and enjoyable radio singles, but the remainder is filled with new classics, brimming with an honest directness. But the true gem, in our humble opinion, is “Bully”. A blunt, emotional outpouring which will raise those hairs on the back of your arm. So you can imagine our delight when in our inbox this morning was a link to this stunning live rendition…

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