ALBUM REVIEW: The Crookes “Hold Fast”

Sheffield based indie popstrels The Crookes are finally back and ready to rule with their second studio album “Hold Fast”. While the troupe may have only taken a year to write and record the follow-up to 2011’s “Chasing After Ghosts”, The Crookes have changed in so many ways. Obviously the departure of founding member Alex Saunders has provoked a profound change in the m┬áthe line-up now completed by guitarist Tom Dakin, as The Crookes have raised the bar and deliver “Hold Fast” with a sexy swagger.

Though title track “Hold Fast” provides the album lowlight midway through proceedings, the album as a whole has a lot to offer. From the dizzying heights of “Stars” through the radio friendly ambitions of “Afterglow”, The Crookes induce a euphoric state of frenzy.

While they may veer towards the up-tempo Americana – we advise skipping straight to the anthemic “The Cooler King” – The Crookes really excel at the sentiment driven ballad. Given that “American Girls” and the mind blowing closer “I Love You Bridge” offer the album highlights, you can’t help but wonder if “Hold Fast” might be slightly better off with a stronger sentiment vs frenzy balance.

“Hold Fast” is without question The Crookes strongest release to date. Given the marked growth in a year, there is little doubt that The Crookes will breakthrough to the big time-the question is whether “Hold Fast” will be the record to break them…

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