ALBUM REVIEW: Cosmo Jarvis “Think Bigger”

Cosmo Jarvis may have mellowed from the brash boy that unleashed the unforgettable but sadly overlooked “Humasyouhitch/Sonofabitch” back in 2009 but he has far from lost his musical capability. While there may be less of the toilet humour and teenage crassness on display, album number 3, “Think Bigger” is lyrically diverse, leapfrogging from the seriously sincere to the seriously funny, all the while demonstrating that Jarvis has not lost his ability for self expression and social observation.

At its most bizarre “Think Bigger” channels alt rock in the strangely compelling roaring rawk of “Sunshine” to the whimsicality of “Tell Me Who To Be” providing proof that Jarvis should be far from contained in the jar labelled singer/songwriter.

Yet as a singer/songwriter it is in his tender reflection that sets his aside from the pack. The heartbreaking “Girl From My Village” is simple but touching in both its lyrical and sonic composition, while the country tinged “My Own Thing” stands out from the pack as the hummable radio friendly fodder-which is far from a composition.

While part of you will crave for the blunt directness of Jarvis’ earlier outings, after a few listens it is beyond clear that the matured artist is a far more exciting and enticing prospect.

Rating: 5/5
Reviewer: Jeremy Williams

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