ALBUM REVIEW: Graffiti 6 “Colours”

Record Label: NWFree
Release Date: 04.10.2010

Graffiti 6 may not be a band name that you are familiar with, however they are one you will have definitely heard. Their stonking summer anthem “Stare Into The Sun” was rather appropriately chosen to head up The Sun’s TV commercials and has no doubt worked its way into your subconscious.

First formed when singer Jamie Scott was asked by his record company to team up with former Right Said Fred producer TommyD in an attempt to boost his slow selling album. The introduction proved to be a life changing moment. The pair clicked instantly and loved jamming so much, that they formed the partnership now known as Graffiti 6.

TommyD has without doubt been the best thing since sliced bread to happen to Jamie. His solo efforts were not setting the world alight and his vocal talents were being far from stretched on his light folk-soul offerings. Tommy has managed to tap into the raw talent and Graffiti 6 sees the dextrous vocal come to life.

“Colours” couldn’t be a more apt title for the duos debut album. Whilst their singles to date “Annie You Save Me” and “Stare Into The Sun” have seen the pair explore the upbeat, albeit with a slight sixties feel, “Colours” couldn’t be more diverse. With the introspective suicide note of “Goodbye Geoffrey Drake”, heartbreaking “Over You” and sweat inducing swagger of “Free” proving the album’s highlights for very different reasons.

The sixties styled production shows echoes of early The Beatles, whilst Scott’s vocal boats the honesty of Ray Lamontagne and soulfulness of Raphael Saadiq. A combination which ensures that Graffiti 6 are breaking the staid mould of the current music scene.

Graffiti 6 are without doubt a breath of fresh air. “Colours” is the album everyone will be talking about by the end of the year.

Rating: 5/5
Reviewer: Jeremy Williams

VIDEO: Graffiti 6 “Stare Into The Sun”

Some of you may remember that a few months back, we blogged about an amazingly twisted animated video for the song “Stare Into The Sun”. Disturbingly memorable, the song instantly became one of our favourites with Graffiti 6 proving one of the most exciting bands of the summer. However, instead of using the fan-made video, Jamie Scott and Tommi D have recorded their own colourful video for the forthcoming single. Sadly, their effort is mightily disappointing in comparison – to say that it is slightly literal is an understatement! Some bands like to get their listeners to think, but the duo have instead clearly demonstrated each lyric so no further questions need to be asked. So why are we still blogging about it? Well just because the song is so damned good, wer thought that alone was worth another mention!


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Ballet Boyz “We are not superstars with sunglasses and fur-coats.”
Xander Bliss
“When I was young I thought art was all about money and snobbery but it isn’t.”
The Good Natured “I like it when an artist makes things personal.”
Craig Houston “We have such limited time on this planet, why waste it?”
Lail Arad “Nothing has felt like this is the moment that has completely changed my life.”
Giorgio Faletti “Luck is an essential component of success.”
Ingrid Michaelson “Be a musician because you can not be anything else.”
Monica Mancini “It was my mother, who was a singer, who really inspired me to do what I do.”
Max Hardberger “I get a chance to risk my life as much as I want.”
Graffiti 6 “We had that connection and decided to explore it.”
Dawn Foster “We have a responsibility to treat our fellow man with dignity and respect.”
Yetunde “I always describe my sound as my emotions.”

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Forgotten Gems:-
Album: Delta Goodrem “Innocent Eyes”
Book: Ernest Hemingway “A Moveable Feast”
Film: The Piano
Jason Newton’s Life Lessons: “Positive anything is better than negative nothing.”
Designer of the Month: Helen Woodward Design
Steal My Style: Tyler
The Way I Saw It: Las Vegas

Albums: Seth Lakeman “Heart + Minds”, Stuart Newman “Single But Defective”, Monica Mancini “I’ve Loved These Days”, Katrina Leskanich “The Live Album”, Superhumanoids “Urgency E.P.”
Singles of The Month: Graffiti 6 “Annie, You Save Me”, Subset “Ambrosia”
Live Music: Lissie, Leona Lewis, Keane, Natalie Merchant
Theatre: Fresh Meat, Desert Boy, Dangerous, Amateur Transplants
DVD: Lovely Bones, Valentine’s Day, Clash Of The Titans, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo
Books: David Nobbs “Obstacles To Young Love”, Sam Bourne “The Chosen One”, Lindsey Kelk “I Heart Paris”, Rachel Tresize “Sixteen Shades Of Crazy”

As the summer approaches…

…Graffiti 6 are here to advise us to all “Stare Into The Sun”.  The stunning single is accompanied by a fab animated video full of weird but wonderful character.  No more needs to be said as the track speaks for itself!

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