ALBUM REVIEW: Bleech “Nude”

In 1999 Newport indie rockers unleashed their second studio album, “Yesterday Went Too Soon”. While it may not have garnered the commercial success of 2001’s “Echo Park”, it more than left its mark on this music lovers ears. A less poppy sound filled the record and recalled Nirvana’s more tender moments. All of a year later, Australian sibling rock act Killing Heidi unleashed the pop-rock wonder that was “Reflector”. Brimming with singalong choruses and head-moshing moments, “Reflector” made little impact in the UK but remains at the top of my CD stack today.

But this isn’t a review of either “Yesterday Went Too Soon” or “Reflector”, so I should quickly correlate the two with the stunning debut from London based trio Bleech. “Nude” is instant. Boasting the tender touch of Feeder and the pop rock sensibility of Killing Heidi, it could be said that Bleech have crafted the perfect mutation of two of this reviewer’s favourite records.

Bleech manage the almost impossible on their debut, each track switches pace and attitude yet the record as a whole is extremely cohesive. From the shrug along guitar led pop of opener “Weirdo” to the lush balladry of “Flowerhands” and Green Day riot of “Holiday”, Bleech approach each dynamic change with passion and commitment.

Though “Nude” is not without its stand-out tracks (the simple structured of “Flowerhands”, the vitriol of “I Wanna Be Me” and the stomp of “Dancing Without You”), the ten track collection by-passes the use of fillers and happily delivers ten tracks all worthy of your attention.

Bleech may have a sound that easily compared to others, yet their impassioned delivery sets them apart from the bulk of upcoming acts. While “Nude” may not be the record to break them into the big league, it will certainly garner a lot of praise and attention.

Rating: 4/5
Reviewer: Jeremy Williams

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