THEATRE REVIEW: The Lost Happy Endings, MAC (Birmingham(

This year the MAC, Birmingham presents it’s festive delight – The Lost Happy Endings

A fantastic and magical tale about what happens when one night a wicked witch steals the happy endings to bedtime stories. It is up to Jub, the keeper of the happy endings, to save the day and ensure sweet dreams everywhere in this lyrical story about storytelling.

The scene is set with a floor “littered” with pages of books, the book theme continued as steps to the higher areas of the staging, therefore the centrally placed home of  Jub, and on the left the tree with the high branch from which the happy endings are distributed made of books.  The rear of the set was a forest and the right front hand of the set a small row of houses where the recipients of the dreams lived.  Excellent use of lighting gave depth and width to the set and ensured that there would be no confusion for young people as there was no need for set changes.

A small cast of four with fun and eye catching costumes keeping the theme of a children’s fairy story but one that was easy for adults to enjoy too.

The performance is lively and the characters believable, the play able to intertwine several classic children’s stories within the performance thus mixing a new story with several story threads with which they were familiar.  Throughout the performance the characters used BSL sign language as well as spoke their lines, I believe that the use of sign language added to the performance as facial expression and gesture are a vital element of BSL.

 The MAC generally provides a warm, family friendly and inviting environment which this production epitomises this totally, with it’s warm, happy go lucky and adaptable show.

Rating: 4/5
Reviewer: Eleni Kypridemos

The Lost Happy Endings is showing at the MAC, Birmingham until 7th January 2012.

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