The Kaje talks solo to Dan Le Sac

Daniel Stephen is better known as Dan Le Sac, who is better known for his work alongside Scroobius Pip (or David Peter Meads-whichever you prefer!), however having unleashed two supremely successful albums as a unit, the pair have gone on a temporary hiatus to explore the solo world. With his debut solo album ‘Space Between The Words” having more than proven he is a capable musician and engaging artist, Dan Le Sac is undertaking yet another challenge-the solo tour. As he prepares to hit the road, The Kaje caught up with the Essex’ innovator to find out how he was feeling…
You are best known for your work with Scroobius Pip-how nervous were you unveiling your solo work?
Really nervous but not because of what I’m known for, it was more about not being known as a solo artist. Hopefully I’ve acquitted myself well enough though!
What prompted the decision to go it alone?
Just time really, with Scroob of doing his “nu-metal” thing, his words not mine, I just started writing & after about 6 months or so I realised I had the foundations of an album. It took me a little longer to decide to actually put it out though!
Tell us some more about the album ‘Space Between The Words’…
It is a difficult beast to describe, it covers so many genres & styles that it has become hard to pigeon hole. The Dan & Pip records are eclectic but it gets to a new level when left to my own devices. I think that’s why I’ve used so many different vocalist on SBTW, it felt right to get B Dolan to share space with Emmy the Great or Merz.
While there aren’t Scroobius Pip collabs on the album, you have teamed up with an array of artists for the album. how do you choose who to work with?
It was fairly simple to be honest, most of the collaborators are friends & people I respect, and this album was a great opportunity to work with them all.
What makes a succesful partnership?
Just being honest, it makes no sense to go along with something for the sake of someone else’s feelings. You’ve both got to love what you do, or neither of you will end up happy.
Who out there do you dream of working with?
Thom Yorke, Cat Power, PJ Harvey, Bernard Sumner, Devendra Banhart to being with but I really like finding new voices to, Kid A on the 2nd DvP record is one of my favourite “finds”!
You are heading out on the road solo-excited?
Scared & excited! We did our first show at Bestival & it was great but I have never felt more nervous than I did on that stage. Even when walking out with Pip to play to 15000 people, I’m usually fairly relaxed but the solo thing is certainly a more raw experience for me.
 What can be expected from your solo show?
It’s a live show, no dj tricks, no just pressing play, it’s Sarah Williams White & myself smashing out these new songs with as many guest vocalists as I can find along the way.
with ‘Space Between The Words’ out there, what is next?
I’ve got to get through the tour first before I can answer that correctly but Pip & I are starting on our 3rd LP, so I’m guessing that’ll take up a lot of my time, although I have been putting together a little electro band, think Human League “Being Boiled” Vs A Certain Ratio’s “Do the Du”, but we’ll just have to wait & see how that pans out!

ALBUM REVIEW: Emmy The Great and Tim Wheeler “This Is Christmas”

Record Label: Infectious Music
Release Date: 21.11.11

“Bah, humbug!” No, that’s too strong
‘Cause it is my favourite holiday
But all this year’s been a busy blur
Don’t think I have the energy…”

As much as the festive season is about seeing family and friends, it is also about the little rituals that each family treasure and repeat year in year out throughout the generations. In my home it is a mug of hot chocolate and a Christmas album on the CD player whilst putting up the decorations. This year I shall be abandoning my favourite “Christmas Wrapping” by The Waitresses in favour of Emmy the Great and Tim Wheeler’s forthcoming Christmas collection, “This Is Christmas”.

Comprising nine original songs and an obligatory cover, it was initially started after the pair were grounded by snowstorms last December. There’s a danger of the sentimental overload that some Christmas albums can create but the endearing nostalgia, eclectic homage to great pop songs and the fact that both Tim and Emmy know their way around a good melody means the songs melt even the most Scrooge-esque person.

“Home for the Holidays” and “Sleigh Me” remind you of the importance of seeing those loved ones at Christmas, while “Christmas Day (I wish I was surfing)” is a homage to the Beach Boys and will have my house dancing round the tree with glitter and baubles everywhere. All that is needed now is the finest obligatory funky knitwear and maybe a touch of snow and I shall be ready for Christmas…

Rating: 4/5
Reviewer: Rachael Preece 

NEWS: Tim Wheeler And Emmy The Great Announce Bush Hall Show!

Emmy The Great and Tim Wheeler have confirmed a special, one off show to celebrate the release of their album – THIS IS CHRISTMAS.

The pair will play a festive show at Bush Hall on December 14th.
Tickets are on sale from Friday and available now.

“THIS IS CHRISTMAS” – the album – is released on Infectious Music on November 21st and features 9 songs by Tim and Emmy and one Phil Spector cover. The album was recorded over the course of the year, with the duo first hitting on the idea of an Xmas record when they were holed up during last winter’s snowstorms.

“I’m a sucker for all kinds of Christmas songs from carols to Nat King Cole to 70’s glam rock classics and 80’s guilty pleasures” admits Tim “and it felt like a good time to contribute something new to the genre.”

Full of the sort of pop gems Tim Wheeler has made a career out of and aided by Emmy’s lyrical prowess, This Is Christmas is a much-needed departure from the usual sentimental warblings that clutter up the charts this time of year. The album features Matt Tong from Bloc Party on drums, Euan Hinshelwood (Young Husband) on guitar, a string section orchestrated by esteemed film composer Ilan Eskeri, with Tim and Emmy playing everything else.

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