NEWS: Alanis Morissette Announces November UK Tour

Multi-platinum, Grammy winning artist Alanis Morissette has just released her highly anticipated seventh studio album, HAVOC AND BRIGHT LIGHTS, on 27th August with Columbia UK and will return to the UK this November starting with a huge show at London The O2.

Produced by Guy Sigsworth (Björk, Madonna, Seal) and Joe Chiccarelli (Tori Amos, Elton John, My Morning Jacket, U2) and recorded in Los Angeles, the new album marks the songstress’ first release in four years.  Fans will be able to purchase the album’s first single, “Guardian,” on 26th August.

“This record, as always, is a snapshot of what I currently obsess about, care about, and what strikes me at 4 in the morning in my most introspective moments,” says Morissette. “It is my emotional, psychological, social and philosophical commentary through song. I can’t wait to share it with this fun and funny planet, and to tour, and can’t WAIT to have the lively, engaging and challenging conversations that these songs may invite.”

Following a string of sold out shows in June Alanis will return to the UK this November:

Weds 28th            London                         The O2                                                0844 856 0202
Thurs 29th             Nottingham             Capital FM Arena                         0843 373 3000
Fri 30th             Liverpool             Echo Arena                                     0844 8000 400

Tickets available from 9.00am on Friday 31st August from<http://www.gigsandtours.comand from 24hr CC Hotline: 0844 811 0051

The Kaje talks who, what, where, when and why to Ex Senators

The moment we heard Ex Senators riotous single “Start A Fight” and followed through to their colourful song clip, The Kaje knew we had found an act that were far more than simple chart fodder. While the Chicago troupe clearly know how to write a hook and are more than a little bit addictive, the group have more to say that simple ‘you look fly tonight’. While we may have to wait a fair few months before we get to hear an Ex Senators album, we are happy to make do with a quick chat to Dmac about the who, what, where and why of the Ex Senators…
Let’s get the formalities out of the way, please can you quickly introduce the Ex Senators…

Introducing The Ex Senators! All the way from Chicago in the United Corporations of America, we present to you a rock / funk / punk extravaganza of global proportions.

Comparisons to The Clash and Bruce Springsteen are being bounced around-how do you relate to these?

Wouldn’t it be nice to be related to Bruce or Mick Jones?   Seriously though, a few journalists have made those comparisons, Considering the way social and political observation in music and the arts have devolved we take it as a hell of a compliment.  But the only way I can relate to where that comes from is in the sense that we are collectively not afraid to speak our minds. Through different roads we all come from blue collar beginnings and have that DIY spirit that embodied that punk ethos of The Clash, The Banshees or The Damned (who are so often overlooked… love The Damned).

If you had to select your own comparisons-who would they be to? 

I’ll leave comparisons to the musicologists out there.  We are what we are.


I don’t think we sound like anybody else.  You can hear the influences across the record.  But comparisons are just a way to put yourself into a box artistically.   Van and I said early on when we were writing songs for the album that there were no rules other than letting the songs take the direction that they wanted to take.

Who/what have been your biggest influences?  
When I was growing up my mom played lots of Elton John, Billy Joel and The Beatles, so I learned to play piano, while my Dad (a very Irish Chicago Cop)  was always playing stuff like Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith, The Clash and the Stones…. so I learned to play guitar.  There was always music around the house.  One of my first jobs in music,  I was working in a recording studio with bands like Ministry, and R&B artists like R.Kelly.  (Crazy combinations of experience).     For the whole band the influences are varied from The Police, Joy Division, George Clinton & Parliament, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Jay Z, Guns N Roses (original lineup),  Miles Davis, The Jam and The Beastie Boys.   We have to take into account the people we’ve worked with through our careers (Bowie, Janet Jackson, Mary J Blige, Sting, Ministry)  as those are very strong influences as well.  It’s hilarious and fun playing in this band because there is a constant musical conversation going on.

Can you tell us a little about your current single ‘Start A Fight’? 

The song came about as a way to say “piss off” to all the politicians, commentators and blowhards on TV and radio and blogs constantly ranting but really saying nothing.  People like Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin were jump off points, but both sides of the aisle are in the sights.  Its just that the hard right nutters have a lot more sound bytes while the left are windbags and don’t fit in a three minute song.   These people serve up their hyperbole as fact,  then reporters report on what was said as fact and all of a sudden what was a completely insane thing to assert has somehow become a  “factoid” because its in the news.   That is insanity and its one of the biggest reasons people like Rupert Murdoch have grown an empire on quasi newstainment.  People love a good show, and a bunch of people arguing makes great TV.   So why have any substance there right?

How did you choose it as the introductory single from your upcoming album?    

We had considered leading off with a single that was less political because the album is not all one note.  There are 3 or 4 tracks that definitely hit some of these political themes and the rest of the songs are more personal tracks.  But the timing was right to kick the door open and just say Wake Up.

The video is very colourful-what were the thoughts behind it?

The song started as a reaction to absurdity and we decided it would be fun to take that a step further with the animations and blowing up the characters as much as they do themselves.  MTV censors asked us about the pin on Michelle Bachmann’s outfit that says “Slavery is a sound financial policy”  but insane as that sounds, she actually said that and tried to backpedal the next day.  She also said she wanted everyone in Minnesota Armed and Dangerous. (but that’s not inflammatory rhetoric right?).    So we gave MTV all this information about it and they let it pass.  Which was in itself hilarious that they were reading every button and sign in the video. ( They go by kind of fast).

Is ‘Start A Fight’ an insight to the upcoming album? 

If you’re asking does the whole album sound like “Start A Fight’,  then no.  It’s definitely a taste of one facet of the band which shows very strongly in about a third of the album.   We chose the flow of the songs and the material carefully so as not to be a one note yawn fest.   Even if you’re rocking out at warp speed, at some point that gets boring to a listener and we really wanted to make an “album” in the sense of it being a body of work, so there’s a little ska influence and some funkiness thrown in for good measure.

Tell us a little more about the record and the thoughts behind it…  

There is a theme running through the record. Questions about authority, about life,  and not always finding answers.  The songs tie together for me because it was my own experience as a songwriter coming through.   I’ve always believed that the best songs are the ones that felt honest and a little like the writer put some blood into the tape.  There is a bit of social and political observation or commentary and there are songs that are much more intimate.  The last track was written in a hotel room,  the day after my best friend had died.  The track is “Disappear” and was the toughest thing I’ve ever worked on in music.  It was hard to finish but I’m glad we did it.

What are your hopes and intentions for the record?   

The Ex Senators intend to make a lot of noise,  and our hopes are that people will join us for the ride.

What is the overriding ambition of the Ex Senators?
Global Domination.  Or at least a few square blocks of beach-side property to start.
And the one goal you’d like to achieve by the end of 2012?   
I’ve always wanted to learn to juggle.   Seriously our one goal is to engage people in a conversation that is meaningful and musical and since we’re already doing that I’d say 2012 is off to a roaring start.
Interview by Jeremy Williams

VIDEO: Gossip “Candle In The Wind”

As anyone who read Monday’s review of Gossip’s latest album “A Joyful Noise” would know, here at The Kaje we are MASSIVE fans of Gossip. However, even we find their cover of Elton John’s classic “Candle In The Wind” somewhat questionable. There is no doubt that Beth Ditto is giving the rendition, which opened Cannes, her all, but whether it even comes close to touching on the raw emotion of the original is not a factor. “Candle In The Wind” seems to fall on flat ears, and for good reason. Anyone disagree?

The Kaje talks break-ups to Mark Hole

A few weeks ago we received an email about a singer/songwriter called Mark Hole. We knew nothing of the name, nor did we have high expectations for his oddly titled single ‘Torture Garden’. But within moments of clicking the link contained within the promotional email we had fallen in love with his ode to the break up. Far from angry or resentful, without the need to wax lyrical about his former flame, Hole’s offering was honest, meaningful and moving. It left us wanting more. Thankfully he fulfilled our initial craving with his rendition of “Stupid Love” for The Kaje Sessions and has since taken time out of his schedule to tell us a little more about both himself and the tender ‘Torture Garden’…

Your current single is ‘Torture Garden’ – can you tell us a little about the track…

Yeah sure, ‘Torture Garden’ is a break up song, yet it celebrates love. It doesn’t stem from hate or negativity like many of these songs do. It merely speaks the truth that she is wonderful but isn’t right for me and vice versa. I’m all about the love!

‘Torture Garden’ is a very open response to a break up – is songwriting a form of emotional release for you?

Indeed it is. When the break up happened I was consumed by everything I had done wrong and all that I could have done better. This was my way of putting things right. After I’d finished writing I could sleep again.

Do you feel vulnerable when releasing such an honest track for public consumption?

No and a little bit yes. I do feel something, and from time to time think “God, this is a bit heavy isn’t it?! There was no need for that!” I mean do I really need to do this? I think, yes… These things need to be heard.

For those who have not heard your work before, how would you describe yourself as an artist?

Just think of me as a singer song writer called Mark Hole, who’s a little emotional but likes to entertain more than he likes to cry. Just listen, buy my records and get yourself to a gig. I won’t let you down.

What has been the most memorable description of your work to date?

Playing to 3 and half thousand people at the Royal Albert Hall.

Who would you say have been your main influences?

This is always a strange question to me as the people I sound like I’ve never heard of. It’s only from playing my music that people say I sound similar to Rufus Wainwright, Randy Newman Jeff Buckley, who I am all now addicted to. I did listen to a lot of music with my mum like Queen, Abba and Elton John… I love them all just like I love my mum! Oh and I think Ben Folds Five must have influenced me. But then again everything influences our taste, does it not?

What would you say is your ultimate goal?

My ultimate goal is to live and breathe music to infinity and beyond, but to headline Glastonbury would make my life.

With that in mind-what can we expect next from you?

My new album “Always Follow Your Heart”

More information can be found at

Interview by Jeremy Williams

Single of the Week: Joan As Police Woman “The Magic”


The Magic is the first single to be taken from the new JOAN AS POLICE WOMAN album, ‘ The Deep Field’. The single is being released on the 17th January.  She is an original talent with a wonderfully soulful sound.

Joan Wasser was born on the  26th July, 1970, in Biddeford, Maine. A musician from an early age, she began her career playing violin with the Dambuilders.

 After the death of her boyfriend Jeff Buckley, she began to sing and write songs with some of Jeff’s band, in a project called Black Beetle.

Since assuming her current pseudonym in 2002, which refers to the 70’s hit television show starring Angie Dickinson, she has released two albums.  The first ‘Real Life’  in 2006  and the second ‘ To Survive’ in 2008. Her resume includes live performances and studio work with Lou Reed, Tanya Donelly, Sheryl Crow, Sparklehorse, Dave Gahan, Elton John and the Scissor Sisters. Joan has also toured and collaborated with other legendary musicians including, Rufus Wainwright and Antony and the Johnsons. 

Joan is coming to the UK and Ireland in the New Year. 


1st – Oxford Academy –   
2nd-  Brighton Komedia –                
4th – Nottingham Glee Club –   
5th – Bristol Thekla –   
6th – London Barbican –   
7th – Birmingham Glee Club –  
9th – Manchester Sound Control –     
10th  – Dublin The Button Factory –   
11th – Glasgow Oran Mor –  
12th – Leeds Brudenell Social Club –  
13th – Portsmouth Wedgewood Rooms – 

If you have any suggestion for the Single of the Week, please contact Susan Cummins.

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