VIDEO: Delta Goodrem “Sitting On Top Of The World”

Former Neighbours star Delta Goodrem proved her musical capabilities with a series of sensational ballads which skyrockets her from soapstar to superstar. However after a stunning start, it appeared that spark had blown and Goodrem was on a downward spiral, with the public more interested in her eventful lovelife than her musical output. But with a coaching role on the Australian series of The Voice and a new album in the offing, Goodrem is determined to show she is ready to rise once again, and if it means doing a dance routine to an incredibly catchy but equally beautiful track then she is fair game…

FORGOTTEN GEM: Delta Goodrem “Innocent Eyes”

2003 was in many respects one the prime years of the noughties for music. Not only did it see the mainstream launch of The Black Eyes Peas with their first effort containing a contribution from former child star Stacey “Fergie” Ferguson, but it also marked the year that finally saw the eagerly anticipated and much awaited debut album from Destiny’s Child starlet Beyoncé. Meanwhile, Britney was definitely “In The Zone” as she released her fourth album.

But hidden amidst the American chart domination stood an honest and discreet Australian talent. Having come to public attention in 2002 as the coy and aspiring singer Nina Tucker in “Neighbours”, by 2003 Delta Goodrem had escaped her fictional alter ego and became a singer in her own right.

“Broke the mould musically, in a period of production, Goodrem’s
simplistic songcraft stood out.”

Her debut album “Innocent Eyes” was released in late March 2003 and although it only peaked at number 3 in the UK, I feel this album is one that deserved a lot more recognition. There are several factors that may have caused the lack of interest in Goodrem as a credible singer/songwriter. However, the most obvious is the fact that she was just the latest in a long line of soap stars to turn pop star. If this were to be the sole reason that deterred many people from giving her album a chance, then I believe it is these people who truly missed out on a selection of sublime music.

The album opens with “Born To Try” which was the song used by her alter ego to launch a parallel career in the soap (which saw Nina leaving Ramsay Street to pursue her fledgling success) and as this song entered the real world, the lyrics rang true for a generation seeking success. “Born To Try” also broke the mould musically, in a period of production, Goodrem’s simplistic songcraft stood out.

“Born To Try” was not alone in its pop perfection. As “Innocent Eyes” moves effortlessly from one song to the next, Goodrem is consistent in her catchy and sometimes haunting melodies which contrast with her soft and elegant voice, best demonstrated on the album’s title track “Innocent Eyes”. Goodrem’s composition shows how a pop ballad should be written. But it is her distinct vocal adding an extra depth which makes this the real stand out track on the album.

“Catchy and sometimes haunting melodies which contrast with
her soft and elegant voice”

As well as proving her vocal ability, “Innocent Eyes” is a showcase of her more than impressive writing abilities. Though the album as a whole in a stunning selection, some real gems are there to be uncovered; “In My Own Time” and “Will You Fall For Me” really show an honest and vulnerable side of Goodrem, a quality that is rarely seen in an artist’s debut album.

Goodrem did not work alone and “Innocent Eyes” boasts some impressive collaborations, With Gary Barlow and Kara DioGuardi both on board, it is no surprise that this mid tempo album is full of not only catchy hooks and beats, but has the lyrics to compliment them too.

“An honest and vulnerable side of Goodrem, a quality that is
rarely seen in an artist’s debut album.”

“Innocent Eyes” definitely takes us on a journey from its subtle and understated opening ballads, which sweep and gradually increase to mid tempo pop songs.. And that’s exactly what this album is, a real pop album. When listening to the album, I never question its integrity. It is presented in such a firm and honest way that what you see is what you get. It is rare to find a solid pop album that creates this security. Pop music always feels the need to be new, modern and at the risk of sounding like Simon Cowell, current. As a result, the pop scene is constantly changing, leaving the listener little time to capture a moment before moving on to the next. “Innocent Eyes” is a treat that is not afraid of staying still. I do not mean that its boring and stagnant but it really has taken the time to breathe and grow. I really feel it explores the aural setting it belongs to. Out of this bravery comes a sincere work from Goodrem.

Not only do we enjoy the integrity of the lyrics and cleverly composed songs, but for me the real star of the album is Goodrem’s vocal quality. At the time she was one of the few pop singers brave enough to sing live on television, which just proved that she wasn’t just a studio artist but a live artist too. Never shying away, Goodrem’s vocal range is constantly explored throughout the album, starting with a low and almost spoken start to the album and ending in high melodical bliss with “Will You Fall For Me”, making “Innocent Eyes” an album that really should not be forgotten.

Words: Christopher Hall

VIDEO: Lotte Mullan “Can’t Find The Words”

Simplicity is central to all that is Suffolk’s Lotte Mullan.  The folk-inspired pop driven singer/songwriter is all set to release her debut album “Plain Jane” on August 2nd and it is lovely to see her debut single following the uncomplicated approach she has to her writing. Directed by her primary school boyfriend Daniel Lucchesi, the video sees Lotte Mullan effortlessly looking as stunning as Delta Goodrem breathing out her thoughts as she prepares for a night out. Captivating and compelling.

The Kaje Sessions: Dave H

Last week we launched The Kaje Sessions to a barrage of interest from artists both established and upcoming, but Dave H submitted his own session in record time. The former Bassland singer has gone solo, with a stab at the pop terrain he loves best. A real Diane Warren fan, “Anymore” sees Dave H in Delta Goodrem/Darren Hayes/Mariah Carey territory. The heartfelt performance is carried out whilst Dave prepares chicken fajitas for us all – genius!

Where did you record the Kaje Session?

This was recorded in my kitchen… I know,  I’m wild!  Just before making chicken fajitas though… yum!

What made you choose this location?

I originally wanted to do it on the balcony but I couldn’t get a power supply out the window.  I thought the kitchen would be good, just back from work after doing the day job.

What is the most unusual live date you’ve played?

Probably in this little pub in Gloucester.  It was a gig for the Severn Bore which is this wave that happens on the river once a year.

What made you choose “Anymore” for the session?

People say this is my best song.  Or at least one of them!  I love it too.  I really relate to it.  It was written at a rather traumatic time in my life where everything went wrong at the same time.  This song is about how I felt.  I think many people go through similar experiences so hopefully people can relate to it.

If like Dave H, you would like to demonstrate your abilities (be it singing, acting, painting, comedy, poetry – anything goes!) on The Kaje Sessions, simply e-mail with details of the talent you’d like to demonstrate!
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