EP REVIEW: Young Kato “Young Kato”

It has been said that guitar pop is dead. It has also been said that the anthem is a thing of the past. However, Young Kato’s eponymous debut EP disproves both of the aforementioned status. Having been dubbed the indie One Direction, there is no denying that the young troupe are easy on the eye, but these boys can sure as heck compose riotously warm romps. Opening with lead single, the instant youth anthem “Drink, Dance, Play”, it is clear that these boys are social observers who know how to appeal to both the trendies and the pop kids.

While “Drink, Dance, Play” is easily the most instant and radio friendly of Young Kato’s debut offering, there is much more to the sextet than the single would imply. “Break Out” sees the boys head into an indie-folk terrain, with a stirring vocal that is reminiscent of Stornoway’s Brian Briggs. “Break Out” is musical bliss, from it’s whirling opening through to it’s sing-along climax. “Life’s Good” bridges the gap between the opening two numbers, and though not as instantly memorable, it grows with every listen and brews into the album standout.

Closing with The Editors meets The Killers, Young Kato deliver the brooding “Revolution”, a number which signifies everything that Young Kato symbolise. Young Kato are not following the trend, they make music that they love and they sound bloody good doing so. They may not fit in with the current mould, but then why should they? Good music was never about following the trend and it never will be. Young Kato are set to be massive. Just you wait and see.

Rating: 5/5
Reviewer: Jeremy Williams

VIDEO: David’s Lyre “Tear Them Down”

Hailing from London but having setup home (for now) in Manchester, 20 year old David’s Lyre has recently been setting tongues wagging – notably those of Tom Robinson and Zane Lowe, for his fusion of dance/grime and simplistic melodies. His debut single “Tear Them Down” is a perfect example, only made more noteworthy for its equally simple but effective William Hazell directed video.

VIDEO: Xuman “Panic”

I needed a pick-me-up today – not particular reason why, but just one of those slow days. We all have them don’t we?  So, anyway. I was going through my inbox to check I had not missed anything important when I stumbled across this music video from Russian DJ extraordinaire Xuman and a smile formed on my face instantly. I just wish I was there with them now but I will make do with shaking my booty to this all afternoon! Yay!

VIDEO: INJUICE “Give Us A Beat (Don’t Be Embarrassed)”

Sunday morning and the party is far from over – but all the old favourites have been played and you want something fresh but funky to keep those bodies moving? Well look no further, INJUICE provide the solution in this hypnotic fusion of dub, acid jazz, blues and hip hop…

VIDEO: K Anderson “Shrug”

WARNING! If you have a blatant dislike of feet – you maybe wish to tune out right now! HOWEVER, I would personally say, as someone of an anti-feet disposition, that K Anderson’s comical DIY video for his upcoming single “Shrug” is worth a watch. Melbourne born, London based musician has spent the past five years working on his music in various odd locations. He describes “Shrug” as a “a kiss-off to the past, a bouncing little ditty about raising your shoulders to your ears and accepting that which you cannot change.” Given that feet are mentioned nowhere – the video may be baffling but it is also extremely amusing….

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