NEWS: Band Of Horses Reveal Details Of Fourth Album And UK Tour

Band of Horses has confirmed that its fourth album, Mirage Rock (Brown/Columbia), will be released on Monday 17th September.

The follow-up to 2010’s Grammy-nominated Infinite Arms, Mirage Rock is the first Band of Horses record to be produced by Glyn Johns, who was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame this year in recognition of his work with The Beatles, Bob Dylan, The Rolling Stones, The Who, Led Zeppelin, The Faces, Eric Clapton and too many others to list. Recorded at Sunset Sound in Los Angeles, Mirage Rock is arguably Band of Horses’ most cohesive and accomplished set of compositions and performances to date.

Band of Horses will spend the summer lead-up to Mirage Rock’s release as special guests of My Morning Jacket, road-testing tracks from the forthcoming album alongside favorites from Everything All The Time, Cease To Begin and Infinite Arms. The band’s first set of confirmed dates following Mirage Rock’s release is a UK/Europe headline tour (see below), tickets for which go on sale on Friday 13th July at 9am. Check for ticketing details.

UK Headline Dates:

15th November – Birmingham – HMV Institute
16th November – Glasgow – Academy
19th November – Manchester – Academy
20th November – London – Hammersmith Apollo

The Kaje’s Top 20 Albums 2011!!!!

2011 has been an eventful year in music. While it could be argued that the female soloist has continued to battle against the folk-pop contingency for chart domination, here at The Kaje we have been more than a little blown away by the sheer diversity of the tracks hitting the airwaves.

While we initially intended to compile an album Top 10, we felt there were far too many notable releases missing from our list so have pushed the boat out a little further, but still somehow we didn’t have room for The Kaje favourites Washington, The Grates, The Wanted and Ed Sheeran…

Though we could sweet talk about those who narrowly missed out, we would rather just head straight to our 20-1 countdown..

20. Bonjah – Go Go Chaos

2009’s “Until Dawn” put Bonjah on the musical map when it saw the quintet nominated in the Best Album category at both the Apra and Air Awards.  While they may not have walked away with the prize they so deserved, the boys wasted little time in recording this blindingly brilliant sophomore record.

19. Britney Spears – Femme Fatale

Britney is back and better than ever. With killer dub beats and ‘I am what I am’ attitude, Britney wasted no time in showing more recent pop princesses Lady Gaga and Jessie J that she is far from ready to give up her crown.. Here at The Kaje we are more than happy for Britney to rule the airwaves!

18. Hanson – Shout It Out

Hanson have been written off by many as a one-hit wonder. Though ‘MMMBop’ is without doubt their biggest chart hit to date, the Tulsa based trio have to their name an impressive catalogue of Blues and Soul influenced records. However, 2011 saw Hanson return to the pop domain which saw them hit the top spot some 15 years ago and boy can they still make those booties shake!

17. Darren Hayes – Secret Codes & Battleships

Former Savage Garden frontman Darren Hayes may have confused his loyal fan base slightly with his more experimental 2007 release ‘This Delicate Thing We’ve Made’, prompting a break from his solo career. Having spent time writing for an array of other acts, Hayes noted that he was simultaneously compiling a set of songs for a solo return. The result is the sublime “Secret Codes & Battleships”. The perfect fusion of Savage Garden-esque questioning ballads and Darren Hayes experimentation, “Secret Codes & Battleships” is Hayes’ best release to date.

16. Melanie C – The Sea

Former Sporty Spice Melanie C is the most successful solo spice. Her debut album still tops the poll of solo records from one of the world’s biggest girl bands ever. Yet despite consistently strong releases, Melanie C’s albums have failed to capture the public imagination in the same way. Post 2007’s “This Time”, Chisholm headed to the West End and it seemed like the solo dream was over. But Chisholm was simply biding her time and her 2011 comeback record “The Sea” warrants celebrating.

15. Ane Brun – It All Starts With One

Ane Brun decided to postpone her solo career when Peter Gabriel asked her to be his backing singer on tour. While she was keen to follow-up 2008’s “Changing Of The Seasons”, she felt uninspired and needed time to collect her thoughts. The time off has clearly worked wonders as 2011 saw her return with this deliciously delicate collection.

14.  Kelly Rowland – Here I Am

Kelly Rowland’s solo career has been somewhat tumultuous. While her 2002 debut album “Simply Deep” was both a commercial and critical success, her 2007 follow-up “Ms. Kelly” was largely overlooked. With Rowland written off by many, she focussed her energies on profile sustaining guest vocals while working hard on ensuring her third release “Here I Am” was able to hit the mark. And boy, it does far more than just that…

13. Frankie & The Heartstrings – Hunger

Sunderland’s Frankie & The Heartstrings have spent the past couple of years building up a reputation on the live circuit. With the distinctive on stage presence proving increasingly popular, the boys finally bit the bullet and unleashed their irrepressible debut album “Hunger” at the start of 2011. With their riotous rawk perfectly captured in album’s 10 tracks, this record is just brief appetite warmer for a band that may just be Britain’s biggest export in years to come.

12. Clare Maguire – Light After Dark

Birmingham’s Clare Maguire was selected by the BBC as one of the acts to watch in 2011. The honour is seemingly a curse, with the pressure piled up the selected acts to deliver commercially and critically. The praise lauded prematurely upon Clare Maguire saw many a critic slam her album upon release somewhat unfairly. With one of the most powerful and distinctive vocals of 2011, “Light After Dark” reveals more of its beauty with each listen. This may be a slow burner, but there is nothing wrong with a lack of radio friendly immediacy.

11. Adele – 21

By rights “21” should be at number 1 on our list. Londoner Adele is without any question the real star of 2011, however, with the record released at the start of the year, here at The Kaje its sheer over exposure has caused us to put it to the back of our shelf for a while. Though it may have very temporarily lost its sheen, there is no denying the innate artistry in Adele’s heartbreak. Seemingly effortlessly Adele manages to capture the  devastating beauty of break-up blues. Magically chilblain inducing.

1o. Kami Thompson – Love Lies

The daughter of folk legends Richard and Linda Thompson has spent most her adult years running away from the inevitable – that she is a musician to the core. Having tried an array of careers, Thompson finally faced up to her genetic disposition and set about work on her own material, a move which the whole world will soon be thankful for. “Love Lies” is at times tender at others playful debut effort, but its real beauty lies not in its diversity but the charm of its dexterous vocalist.

9. Charlie Simpson – Young Pilgrim

Charlie Simpson left boy band Busted while they were going from commercial strength to strength. There was little the pop trio could do wrong, but Simpson felt he was being disloyal to his musical roots and instead launched the rock heavy Fightstar. The move built his credibility and proved his diversity, therefore few eyebrows were raised when Simpson took his baby steps to solo success with 2010’s “When We Were Lions” EP. Rather than rushing a record, Simpson bided his time as he crafted his debut album “Young Pilgrim”, a wise move, as it supersedes all his other musical outings to date.

8. Oh Mercy – Great Barrier Grief

2011 marked the return of Oh Mercy minus founding member Thom Savage. However, the subtle charm of frontman Alexander Gow ensured that “Great Barrier Grief” topped 2009’s “Privileged Woes”. Sincere, sturdy, clean-cut and minimalist, “Great Barrier Grief” is a romantically charged effort.

7. Sophie Ellis-Bextor – Make A Scene

Sophie Ellis-Bextor has always been a star in our eyes. With Theaudience’s only record to date still a regular feature on our stereo, we simply cannot get enough of Janet Ellis’ stunning daughter. With Ellis-Bextor having focussed her attentions on motherhood in recent years, “Make A Scene” packs a sophisticated punch and builds on Ellis-Bextor’s distinct sound.

6. Will Young – Echoes

Will Young has come so far from his Pop Idol days that he is barely recognisable from his early recordings. Having taken time to return to tread the boards, Will Young’s “Echoes” is an understated Richard X soulful dance influenced effort that easily walks over his past efforts. Will Young is back and better than ever.

5. Kimbra – Vows

Kiwi Kimbra may be best known globally for her Gotye collaboration “Somebody That I Used To Know”, but her debut album “Vows” shows that she can more than hold her own away from an established partner. Playfully innovative, Kimbra is an artist who understands how to create no-nonsense pop music that oozes credibility.

4. Nicola Roberts – Cinderella’s Eyes

Nicola Roberts is not Cheryl Cole, nor does she want to be. While Cole may have dominated the post Girls Aloud solo output with her conventional auto-tuned pop slices, Roberts has relished in her lesser profile allowing her creative freedom. Far from a typical pop record, Roberts has pushed the boundaries and the raised the bar with this humour filled, synth pop treat.

3. Little Comets – In Search Of Elusive Comets

Little Comets should be one of the biggest things since sliced bread. Having more than proved their ingenuity on stage, the Newcastle troupe came the attention of Columbia Records way back in 2009. They hit the studio and crafted what they felt best represented their appeal, to find that the big label bosses wanted them to be something they weren’t. Rather than sell their soul for success, the lads stood their ground and finally released the ingeniously crafted “In Search Of Elusive Comets” at the turn of 2011.

2. Georgia Fair – All Through Winter

School pals Jordan Wilson and Ben Riley have never believed in rush releases. Though they have been playing together since their early teens, the duo never felt they had quite the right set of songs to record a full length record. Rather than force their creativity, the focussed on honing their skills on the live circuit and releasing a set of stellar EPs. With their profile steadily rising, the pair finally bit the bullet and headed Stateside to work with Band of Horses’ Bill Reynolds. The result is a no-nonsense,vocally centred record that ensures Georgia Fair are at the forefront of the indie-folk movement.

1. Dionne Bromfield – Good For The Soul

Dionne Bromfield first came to public attention as the child prodigy God-daughter of the much-missed super talent Amy Winehouse, but she grown into an artist who is so much more than a ‘by-association’ act. “Good For The Soul” leaves you breathless. Bromfield boasts a classic soul vocal and it is clear she has learnt more than a trick or two from Winehouse.With 60 and 70s soul vocals applied to contemporary urban pop, Bromfield ensures she is a step ahead of the pack. Aged just 15, Bromfield is still at the beginner’s block career wise, but “Good For The Soul” is light years ahead of many artists twice her age.

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The Kaje Sessions: Laura Cortese

The Kaje Sessions presents Laura Cortese. Acclaimed fiddler Laura Cortese has in the past worked alongside Band of Horses, Uncle Earl and Pete Seeger as well as being an essential member of both Halali and The Anarchist Orchestra. On top of all this, she is co-founded the Boston Celtic Music Festival, so it shows dedication and a lot of planning to also balance a succesful solo career. As a singer/songwriter, Cortese delivers perfect pop compositions based around the fiddle. With her latest album “Acoustic Project” now in stores, The Kaje were very lucky to be sent this stunning rendition of “Women Of The Ages”.

Where did you record The Kaje Session?

Back stage at the Lizard Lounge before the first night of “Everyone’s Crazy  ‘Bout Laura Cortese,” my October residency that comes complete with a theme song of the same title.

What made you choose to use this location?

The back stage at the Lizard aka “the dude oven” is TINY (4’10’). We happened to have filled the room with only women who were playing that night. It was spontaneous and when I looked through my camera at the walls I saw vibrant color and strange Lizard creatures which seemed to be an interesting setting.

What is the most unusual live date you have ever played?

I played in an old mill building in Denmark. The building was round and had an old-fashioned cash register. There were some high school aged music students in the front row who kept clapping poly rhythms to all the songs while the other Danes clapped only on the 1 & 3.

What made you choose “Women Of The Ages” for the session?

“Women of The Ages” was originally a poem written by scottish/canadian poet John Beaton.  I asked John a few years back if I could set a few of his poems to music. The next day I received a 25 page word doc titled “Laura Songs”. “Women of the Ages” was the first one I set to music and is still one of my favorites.

WIN! Tickets to see Maps & Atlases in London!

Though their history lies in the sweaty basement shows of Chicago’s rich underground scene, Maps & Atlases’ debut album, ‘Perch Patchwork’ presents a confident, complex take on pop music. Marking FatCat’s 100th album release, ‘Perch Patchwork’ is out on 27th September.

Formed in 2004, having met as art students at Chicago’s Columbia College, Maps & Atlases’ initial output (a 2006 EP titled ‘Tree, Swallows, Houses’) showcased their astute technical abilities and deft musicality, changing rhythms and tearing across guitar fretboards at breakneck speed. Their follow-up EP (2008’s ‘You and Me and the Mountain’), however, demonstrated a desire for a more measured – yet similarly unconventional – pop-orientated course that retained the mathematical precision of their first set of recordings, but demonstrated a stronger compositional virtuosity. It is this path that has led them to debut full-length ‘Perch Patchwork’, a densely textured, exhilarating body of work that sees the band developing further intricacies in songwriting, and in lush brass and string arrangements beyond the lightning-fast guitar lines that characterised earlier output – and the results are gripping. From the multi-part military drum lines of ‘The Charm’ to the nimbly overlaying, flickering guitars and almost Afro/Latin percussion of ‘Living Decorations’ to the soft Beach Boys-esque vocal chorus of ‘Israeli Caves’, this record is clearly the work of serious and brave musicians.

‘Perch Patchwork’ was recorded by Jason Cupp (The Elected, Finch, Nurses, Cast Spells) in Chicago – partly in guitarist/vocalist David Davison’s parent’s basement, partly in Steve Albini’s legendary Electrical Audio and partly in the band’s own Soothsayer Studio. The results are a set of recordings that breathe an entirely new life into songs whose original forms were painstakingly deconstructed and rearranged for the studio.

The Maps & Atlases sound is comparable to the mature, graceful pop of Band of Horses or TV On The Radio, combined with the excitable dynamism of Deerhoof or Vampire Weekend and the progressive experimentation of CAN. Live dates have seen them share stages with FatCat’s Frightened Rabbit and Our Brother The Native, acclaimed experimental hardcore band mewithoutYou, and African legend Vieux Farka Toure – demonstrating the broad-reach of sounds that Maps & Atlases encompass.

Maps & Atlases recently signed to Barsuk Records in the US, who will handle the North American release of Perch Patchwork, and to FatCat for the UK and Europe.

WIN! Tickets to see Maps & Atlases at Cargo in London on October 12th! Simply tell us the name of Maps & Atlases debut album…Answers to

NEWS: Cee Lo Green To Play Intimate Show at Cargo

Following the amazing reception that greeted the video premiere of his upcoming single ‘F**K YOU’ as it became the biggest viral hit of the summer (it received over 1 million view in the first 48 hours after its upload and more than 5 million in total), Cee Lo Green can confirm that he will play a special one-off London show at Cargo on September 27th.

The show is sure to be the hottest ticket in town given that it represents the first chance for UK fans to hear material from Cee Lo Green’s upcoming solo album ‘The Lady Killer’ that will be released on November 1st. Tickets for the show – at which Green, also known as the voice behind Gnarls Barkley, will be backed by a full band – are likely to sell out as soon as they go on general sale at 9am on Friday September 17th. They will be available at a price of £21.50 from the credit card hotline on 0844 576 5483.

This will be Green’s only UK date this year before he heads back to the States where ‘F**K YOU’ is shaping up to be one of the biggest hits of the year.

Set for release on October 4th, ‘F**K YOU’ immediately became the UK’s #1 most viewed music video. The international response was equally astonishing as it progressed to become the global top favourited video and the worldwide most discussed video. And not only did the track hit #1 at Hype Machine, but it also hit the website’s Top 40 in another five positions.

Excitement for the release of ‘The Lady Killer’ has continued to grow exponentially since Green unveiled his soulful take on the Band of Horses’No One’s Gonna Love You.’ Featuring collaborators including Paul Epworth, Salaam Remi and Fraser T. Smith, ‘The Lady Killer’ is the album Cee Lo was destined to make. It will seal his rep: not only as a writer, producer and performer of unrivalled pizzazz, chutzpah, inventiveness and genius; but as a singer whose voice can nail an emotion – be it pain, yearning, anger, sarcasm, love, lust, frustration – like no other. Cee Lo Green stands alone.

Tickets go on sale 9am Friday 17th September 2010 priced at £21.50 (subject to booking fee) and are avialble from

NEWS: Band Of Horses Announce UK Tour

Following a pair of triumphant debut performances at this years Reading and Leeds festivals, South Carolina’s Band of Horses have announced that they will return for a full UK and European tour in early 2011. Tickets will go on sale on 3 September.

Kicking off in Newcastle on 26 January, Band of Horses will make their way around the UK. Gigs in Glasgow, Birmingham, Bristol, Leeds and Manchester precede what is sure to be an unforgettable evening at London’s O2 Academy Brixton on 3 February.

This year has been nothing short of a whirlwind for the Low-Country’s finest. Since releasing their third album Infinite Arms in May to worldwide critical acclaim – hailed by NME as their ‘defining statement’ and ‘A landmark’ by Uncut – they have toured relentlessly, including a prestigious main support slot on Pearl Jam’s recent North American tour, a sold-out London show at the Roundhouse, TV appearances including a return for a second time to Later With Jools Holland and a run of UK & European festivals, a highlight of which saw them play a landmark show to 22,000 fans in Malmo, Sweden and if that isn’t enough they are about to embark on an autumn US tour.

Band of Horses have become a cohesive force with all five members making invaluable contributions to the unmistakable sound that founder Ben Bridwell has crafted since the band’s inception.

This tour is hugely anticipated and will be a welcome return for the band in the New Year.

Full UK tour dates:

26 Jan           Newcastle, O2 Academy
27 Jan           Glasgow, O2 Academy
28 Jan           Birmingham, O2 Academy
30 Jan           Bristol, O2 Academy
31 Jan           Leeds, O2 Academy
1 Feb            Manchester, Academy 1
3 Feb            London, O2 Academy Brixton

Ticket information:

For Newcastle/Birmingham/Bristol/Leeds/ London – / 0844 477 2000

For Manchester – 0161 832 1111

For Glasgow – / 0844 499 9990

24 cc Hotline – 0844 811 0051

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