ALBUM REVIEW: Alvin & The Chipmunks “Chipwrecked”

Record Label: Atlantic Records
Release Date: 14.11.2011

You may be asking yourself why I have volunteered to review the new release by cartoon pop superstars Alvin & The Chipmunks given that I am 25 year old male with no children or younger siblings. Nostalgia is the simple reason. Alvin, Simon and Theodore were without question my favourite cartoon during my younger years. In 2007 the first film of the squeaky songsters was released and through sheer curiosity I ventured to the local cinema and fell instantly in love.

I was still a student back then and my behaviour was easily written off.  However, when in 2009 I ventured to the cinema to see the return of the Chipettes to the fold, my then girlfriend questioned my moves. I laughed it off and went alone, as I shall be to the impending third installment (no one knows I will be going but you – so keep it hush hush – ok?)

So, when we were asked if anyone fancied having a listen to the album ahead of the film, I screamed yes on the inside and shyly accepted the proposal. I do not own either of the earlier soundtracks, however, after listening to the latest collection – which includes unique takes on everything from Gaga’s “Bad Romance” (even more addictive than the original) to Willow Smith’s “Whip My Hair” (I hated the original so reworking was written off before I pressed play) – I may well be adding others to my collection.

Though The Chipettes outshine The Chipmunks – skip straight to their take on Rihanna’s “SOS” – the whole record is so stupidly uplifting that even I have had to question my attachment to The Chipmunks. However those issues can wait as right now I just want to push play and bounce up and down on my bed while singing along to “Party Rock Anthem”!

Rating: 4/5
Reviewer: David Hunter

NEWS: Lissie Unveils First Ever Interactive Weather Controlled Music Video

Lissie has unveiled a new interactive music video featuring her and band performing a live version of the single Cuckoo – from her album “Catching a Tiger”.

The video allows viewers to see Lissie’s performance affected by live weather from anywhere on the globe, by choosing locations on a map whilst the video is playing.

Lissie then battles through the elements in the weather studio, depending on where the user has chosen, proving Lissie can be enjoyed whether your summer has been a scorcher or a washout (or you’re in the north pole).

Cuckoo is out on August 30th on Columbia Records. It features the much sort after cover of Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance.

‘Catching A Tiger’ is out now.

VIDEO: Lissie “Cuckoo”

Here at The Kaje, Lissie is one of our favourite new artists. Her debut album “Catching A Tiger” is simply stunning and her live performance totally exhilarating. So, we are celebrating today the release of another slice of credible catchy pop in the shape of “Cuckoo”.  Little more needs to be said other than the single comes with her brilliant “Bad Romance” cover as a b-side!

The Kaje’s Top 10 Gaga Covers on YouTube

At the moment everybody wants to be Gaga! Over the last 18 months, the Lady has gone from strength to strength.  It is therefore little surprise that YouTube is now saturated with cover versions.  The Kaje thought we’d count down our Top 10 Gaga Covers just for you…

10. Alyssa Bernal – Bad Romance

9. Aleksey Vanin – Poker Face

8. Leela Holt – Wonderful

7. Megan and Liz – Bad Romance

6. Lissie – Bad Romance

5. Lawrence Trailer – Just Dance

4. Lynzie Kent & Rich G – Paparazzi

3. VanJess – Bad Romance

2. Danielle Todd – Paparazzi

1. Lucinda Belle – Telephone

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