The Kaje talks establishing motives to Young Kato

Young Kato are a six-piece from Cheltenham who are set to become the band of their generation. Every so often the music scene needs shaking up, then a band springs up taking the lead from those that went before, but delivering it with their own style and swagger. Young Kato do exactly that. While their influences may be worn on their plush sleeves, they channel their creative spark into a new mould. Though they will be the recipients of comparisons to everyone from The Horrors to The Maccabees, The Arctic Monkeys to Pulp and Foals to The Smiths, we predict that Young Kato will be so big by the turn of 2013, that the need for comparison will fade by the time you finish listening to debut single “Drink, Dance, Play”. Luckily it appears that guitarist Jack Edwards has similar dreams and ambitions..
So we know you are a six piece and you are from Cheltenham, but tell us a little bit more about how Young Kato came to be… How did you settle on the name Young Kato?
We didn’t! 2 of the 6 band members were totally against the name but after a week of brainstorming and only have one or two people liking the names being suggested, 4 out of 6 was quite good! I suppose being such a big band doesnt make it easy when it comes to things like that… So many of us to please!
Who brings what influences to the table?
We are all into bands such as Foals, The Maccabees, Friendly Fires, Dog is Dead, The Vaccines etc but then we all have other influences. For example, Tom (vocals) is into his 80s stuff… the likes of Duran Duran and The Smiths. Harry (keyboard) loves his jazz and often listens to Oscar Peterson, Herbie Hancock, Joshua Redman and Hiromi. I’m also into the slightly heavier side of the current Pop/Rock scene – Bands such as Twin Atlantic and Deaf Havana, so we get quite a wide spread of influence that probably comes through in our music.
As with all newcomers your sound is being compared to those that have gone before… What have been the best and worst comparisons you have heard?
The best comparision we’ve heard I think was “They’re like One Direction meets Arctic Monkeys, meets Morrisey”, another being “The Smiths with attitude” which was quite cool. Worst one would have to be “A cheap Two Door Cinema Club”, which was pretty bad.
If you had to draw your own comparisons-who would they be with and why?
I’d probably say The Killers with a hint of Morrisey and U2 because people have described our songs having “massive chorus’, and “lighters in the air” verses similar to that of an arena band sound. People also often comment on Tom’s Vocals saying “he sounds like Morrissey”.
You are about to release your debut EP-you have opted for the self-titled route.. Why?
Simply just an introduction to our music, we feel having the name directly alongside the music gets people knowing what we’re all about – we are Young Kato and this is our music.
Can you tell us a bit more about each of the four tracks…
Without giving too much away…
TRACK 1, ‘Drink, Dance, Play’ – A vibrant, youthful track showing off our bands energy. This song has always been the fan favourite with chants and stage invasions.
TRACK 2, ‘Break Out’ – Lyrically this is our strongest song as we co-wrote with Chelt born Ian Dench (EMF). Yet again a song with energy and a song that we connect to, as we sing/shout about breaking away from our daily routines of college/school/work.
TRACK 3, ‘Life’s Good’ – An upbeat love song that simply tells her that life is what you make of it, its time to stop moping around and get on with it.
TRACK, 4 ‘Revolution’ – Predominantly the bands favourtie song, another co-write – this time with Gordon Mills Jnr. A great bloke who works with lots of up and coming bands/artists including Ed Sheeran. The lyrics are strong, surreal and honest and rounds off our EP perfectly as we feel even though we wrote and recorded it in a day we feel we have found our sound.
How did you know which tracks were worthy of being on your introductory EP?
All four of the tracks have a big pop sound which is youthful and upbeat we felt the first release needed to be happy so that everyone can relate to them, not soleum and miserable like many songs around at present.
How did you select “Drink, Dance, Play” as the lead single?
There are so many “indie” guitar bands out there at the moment and we feel “Drink, Dance, Play” play has a completely different vibe to anything else. The combined factor of it’s uniqueness, the joyful vibe and the raw fact we are not ashamed to admit were making pop music the way it should be are the reasons we’ve chosen it as the single.
What hopes do you have for the single?
We’re not hoping to conquer the world for starters (even though that would be nice), after all it is our first release. We just hope it can raise awareness of the band and our name, then hopefully we can go from strength to strength after its release.
With the EP all set to be unleashed, are you looking forward to a life on the road?
Most definitely, the best part of being in a band is playing shows – what could be better than playing shows every night for weeks in a row, going to places
we’ve never been and meeting new people who all have a huge passion for live music? So yeah, really looking forward to it!
Where in the world would you most like to play?
I can’t speak for the whole band, but myself I’d love to play in Japan. I love how music acts as a worldwide language, it doesn’t even need to be literally translated for people to enjoy it or relate to it.
If you could define one ambition that you’d like to achieve by the turn of 2013, what would it be?
Have Album No.1 completed and ready to tour.
Lastly, complete this sentence Young Kato are set to be….
The new era of pop music.
Interview by Jeremy Williams

VIDEO: The Crookes “Afterglow”

They said that Sheffield produces one defining act every generation-from the Human League through to the Arctic Monkeys-it is easy to pinpoint the act and the decade. So what of the teens? Who is set to steal the Sheffield crown? With Shake Aletti and Hey Sholay as strong contendors, here at The Kaje we offer The Crookes as strong contenders. Having unleashed the sensational “Chasing After Ghosts” in 2011, The Crookes may have changed line-up (Alex Saunders has been replaced by Tom Dakin), but they are still going from strength. If latest single “Afterglow” is anything to go by, 2012’s sophomore release is one to keep an ear out for. Head-shakingly stunning.

The Kaje talks early days to Since Monroe

In March 2011 Birmingham’s Andy Clifford and James Bradley realised they shared a musical vision which they could no longer resist realising. However, they could not do it alone and so recruited brothers Rich and Matt Tregortha to the fold and Since Monroe were born. Having played with their sound over the past year, the quartet have just unleashed their debut EP “Lost Generation” amid a mass of hype and critical acclaim. With the boys currently touring the UK, The Kaje caught up with Clifford to find out how Since Monroe had come to be so quickly…

It is just a little over a year ago that Since Monroe started-can you tell us how you all came together…

James and I knew each other through previous bands we were in together, which led to us starting up Since Monroe. We knew Trig through mutual friends. We happened to bump into each other one night at practice and once he heard the riff for ‘DJ’ he was on board. His brother Matt can play pretty much any instrument and was looking to join a band so he jumped at the chance to play bass for us.

Did you have a very specific vision for Since Monroe?

We just wanted to have fun doing what we were doing, it never occurred to us that we would have an E.P released so soon after it all started. We just want people to enjoy our music the way we do. Although if people want to pay us thousands to perform for them that would be nice too….

How have you broken up the songwriting roles within the group?

Well James and I have never really been given writing privileges in any of the previous bands we were in, which is one of the reasons why we started up Since Monroe in the first place. We knew what we wanted to do and did it well, it was pop rock we knew could catch on. When we introduced Trig and Matt with there grunge influenced backgrounds we blended the two together to get the sound we have now. James and I tend to come up with the riffs and commercial side of the music whereas Trig and Matt add the grunge and clever musicality to it.

Sonically who brings what influences to the table?

We all share the same music taste although we each have our own individual influences. You will be able to hear bits of Weezer, Foo Fighters, Arctic Monkeys, Nirvana, Nine Black Alps in our music. Trig is a very clever song writer and  heavily influenced by the Manic Street Preachers. James is inspired by people like Dave Grohl and it shows through his drum style… he has had one too many bags of Haribo and is on a sugar rush! Matt has great musicality and can adapt to any music style no matter what his influences are. I like to play any style of music, although I am very much riff driven, like the Arctic Monkeys and Foo Fighters. Although it was artists such as Jimi Hendrix that made me pick up a guitar so given the chance I like to throw in a face melting solo every now and then!

Who would you say is the overall defining influence on the group as a whole?

We would love to be spoken about in the same category as Weezer and the Foo Fighters, so I would say that they are the defining influence.

If you had to describe Since Monroe to a stranger, what would you say?

Like a two for one in a strip club.

Why the name Since Monroe?

Ahh…well originally we were called ‘Younatee’ for namesake but we never really felt it had the impact or the edge we were looking for. We wanted something more memorable and intriguing. We liked the name Monroe, which then became Since Monroe. We expected people to think it has some relavance to Marilyn Monroe, and most people do, but the way we see it is if people are interested enough to speak about our name in anyway then it can only be a good thing for us!

You have just released your debut EP-why the ‘Lost Generation’?

Easy answer is because it is the opening track! Although I suppose you could say it relates to the lack of bands making proper music these days. The music industry is full of manufactured bands and puppets so I guess you could say its the generation between the 90’s until now that has been lost.

The EP contains four tracks-how did you decide what material best showcased you on your debut?

They were the catchiest and showcased the sound we were after the most. It was difficult as we like all our songs but think the four we chose best showed the genre we would fall into.

Any live favourites that were nearly but not quites?

“Dear Deirdre”. It is a great song to play, catchy, fast paced and fun, but sounded to heavily influenced by the Foo Fighters, which is great in one respect but we didn’t want to be seen as copy cat band.

The EP is garnering incredible critical feedback-do you feel the pressure for the follow up?

Yeah proper bricking it! Nah not really, we will just keep doing what were doing and hope it goes down well. We will spend a lot more time writing and recording the follow up so we can at least say we tried our best with it. We think we have enough in our locker to keep people happy.

What is Since Monroe’s next move?

Write some more catchy tunes and hopefully get an album out either before the year is out or early 2013.

Words and Images by Jeremy Williams

NEWS: Blood Red Shoes Announce New Album And Tour

Brighton-based duo Laura-Mary Carter and Steven Ansell will return this year with their 3rd album ‘In Time To Voices’ out on March 26th  and a new single ‘Cold’, released on March 19th via V2/Co-Operative Music. The band will also be hitting the road throughout the UK for an April and May tour.

Since the release of their debut almost 4 years ago, the duo have embarked on a gruelling, unrelenting tour schedule, seeing them travel the four corners of the globe and earning them an international fanbase. However the life on the road can have its side-effects as Steven speaks of some of their more troublesome moments :

‘”From getting arrested after spending a night drinking in a biker den, Laura fighting bouncers….twice, to the two of us breaking up onstage or having a giant fight in Prague and me getting found in the street robbed by two prostitutes. Oh and there was that time where we were invited to a hotel demolition party in Paris where we broke into Keith Richards’ room and totalled it. These stories are all on the record. I guess being only two people spending more than 300 days a year together makes you kind of…volatile. Modern bands seem way too clean-cut and sensible to us anyway.“

The new album ‘In Time To Voices’, released March 26th was recorded at The Motor Museum in Liverpool, continuing their successful partnership with Mike Crossey(Arctic Monkeys/Foals/Tribes) who co-produced the album with them.

The record sees Blood Red Shoes come of age musically, building on their punk rock roots and moving into an ambitious, three-dimensional new sound that encapsulates heavy rock as much as it does as sweeping, melancholy soundscapes and classic songwriting drawn from the likes of Black Sabbath, Fleetwood Mac, Led Zeppelin and The Rolling Stones.

Laura-Mary, sheds some light on the new, ambitious approach taken this time around:

”With this album we totally threw out the rulebook of how we write and record. We decided we wanted to make a really ambitious record, not something which reflects our live show but something which is only limited by our imaginations and not by how many instruments we use onstage. We figured the best way to push ourselves forward was to write the best possible songs and melodies we could – once you have that as your foundation, you have the freedom to go anywhere with the sounds you use. We feel like a totally different band now. We feel like we’re shooting for the stars.”

The first single ‘Cold’ to be taken from their forthcoming long-player, sees Blood Red Shoes unleash a their most bold and defiant track to date, with Laura-Mary’s confident vocal delivery set alongside a hyperactive drum groove and a truly anthemic chorus.

On the track, Laura-Mary says:

“Steven started playing this weird drum beat in a soundcheck and I wanted to make it into a song, so I found this mean riff to play over it. It has this hip-hop groove which is something we’d never tried before.”


  • ·        In Time To Voices
  • ·        Lost Kids
  • ·        Cold
  • ·        Two Dead Minutes
  • ·        The Silence And The Drones
  • ·        Night Light
  • ·        Je Me Perds
  • ·        Stop Kicking
  • ·        Slip Into Blue
  • ·        Down Here In The Dark
  • ·        7 Years

Touring heavily throughout 2011, this year sees the band back on the road with no signs of slowing down with a full worldwide tour planned and UK dates confirmed, detailed below:



27th Concorde 2, Brighton, UK   Tickets: / Box office – 01273 673311
28th Wedgewood Rooms, Portsmouth, UK Tickets: / Box office – 02392 863911
29th 02 Academy 2, Oxford, UK Tickets: / Box office – 01912 304474


1st Trinity, Bristol, UK Tickets: / Box office – 01912 304474
2nd Waterfront, Norwich, UK Tickets: / Box office – 01603 508050
3rd Heaven, London, UK Tickets: / Box office – 0207 4033331
4th HMV Library, Birmingham, UK Tickets: / Box office – 08442 485037
5th Academy 2, Manchester, UK Tickets: / Box office – 01618 321111
7th Zanzibar, Liverpool, UK Tickets: / Box office – 01517 070633
8th Cluny, Newcastle, UK Tickets: / Box office – 01912 304474
9th Tunnels, Aberdeen, UK Tickets: / Box office – 08444 999990
10th King Tuts, Glasgow, UK Tickets: / Box office – 08444 999990
12th The Cockpit, Leeds, UK Tickets: / Box office – 01132 436743
13th Rescue Rooms, Nottingham, UK Tickets: / Box office – 01912 304474

Pre-sale tickets go on sale from on Wednesday 25th January at 9am
Tickets go on general sale at 9am on Friday 27th January.

FORGOTTEN GEM: Dance Bastards “Suckerr”

Hull duo Dance Bastards should by rights be a name that everyone immediately knows, yet for some strange reason the NME heralded pairing of Kate Wood and Amy Harrison have disappeared into musical oblivion. While their distinct breed of dance based punk with a pop sensibility may have been overlooked in favour of  chart-toppers from fellow Northerners Arctic Monkeys and the irrepressible ‘Crazy’ by Gnarls Barkley, here at The Kaje we feel it is about time the pair reformed and gave it one more shot. But just in case they don’t, we thought we would celebrate our favourite of their releases one more time…

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