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July Issue!!

Another month has flown by – though as June ends, July begins and it seems the summer is with us! So we are certainly not complaining. A new month also brings, rather excitingly, another issue of The Kaje. As you will see, we are honoured to have Ballet Boyz grace our cover.  Read on to find out who you will find in our pages this month…

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The July issue contains:


Ballet Boyz “We are not superstars with sunglasses and fur-coats.”
Xander Bliss
“When I was young I thought art was all about money and snobbery but it isn’t.”
The Good Natured “I like it when an artist makes things personal.”
Craig Houston “We have such limited time on this planet, why waste it?”
Lail Arad “Nothing has felt like this is the moment that has completely changed my life.”
Giorgio Faletti “Luck is an essential component of success.”
Ingrid Michaelson “Be a musician because you can not be anything else.”
Monica Mancini “It was my mother, who was a singer, who really inspired me to do what I do.”
Max Hardberger “I get a chance to risk my life as much as I want.”
Graffiti 6 “We had that connection and decided to explore it.”
Dawn Foster “We have a responsibility to treat our fellow man with dignity and respect.”
Yetunde “I always describe my sound as my emotions.”

WIN!!!!: Signed Jil Is Lucky CDs, Signed Monica Mancini CDs, Ingrid Michaelson CDs, Nicky Swann CDs, Sixteen Shades Of Crazy Paperbacks, Signed Delta Goodrem CD/Posters

Forgotten Gems:-
Album: Delta Goodrem “Innocent Eyes”
Book: Ernest Hemingway “A Moveable Feast”
Film: The Piano
Jason Newton’s Life Lessons: “Positive anything is better than negative nothing.”
Designer of the Month: Helen Woodward Design
Steal My Style: Tyler
The Way I Saw It: Las Vegas

Albums: Seth Lakeman “Heart + Minds”, Stuart Newman “Single But Defective”, Monica Mancini “I’ve Loved These Days”, Katrina Leskanich “The Live Album”, Superhumanoids “Urgency E.P.”
Singles of The Month: Graffiti 6 “Annie, You Save Me”, Subset “Ambrosia”
Live Music: Lissie, Leona Lewis, Keane, Natalie Merchant
Theatre: Fresh Meat, Desert Boy, Dangerous, Amateur Transplants
DVD: Lovely Bones, Valentine’s Day, Clash Of The Titans, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo
Books: David Nobbs “Obstacles To Young Love”, Sam Bourne “The Chosen One”, Lindsey Kelk “I Heart Paris”, Rachel Tresize “Sixteen Shades Of Crazy”

LIVE REVIEW: Amateur Transplants, Birmingham Old Rep Theatre, 02.06.2010

‘Amateur Transplants’ are Dr Adam Kay and Dr Suman Biswas, two doctors, who have taken parody writing to a new level in the UK. The 2010 nationwide tour is nearly sold out, and their continued annual success at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival suggested this would be a night to remember…

The evening would be one based on “love songs and celebrities” we are dutifully informed, and there is the hint that the duo would be straying away from their ‘normal’ medical topics for a while. With Kay on the piano for the majority of the evening and Biswas on the microphone, once they begin the 90 minute set of their very own unique comedy it is hard to stop laughing. The ‘snippet’ approach they adopt leads to a fast pace for the evening and keeps you interested, and you never find yourself thinking “I wish this was over”. The entertainment is ongoing and consistent.

Tracks like their version of Phil Collins “Against all Odds”, performed by Biswas, may not be long and is certainly not at the top of the questionable content scale, but is hilarious with lyrics like:-

“Take a look at me Nan – I think she’s got a broken hip. We found her on the floor – of the bathroom – you know, I think she must have slipped. Just take a look at me Nan!”

Or Biswas on his recorder playing ‘that’ part of Titanic’s “My Heart Will Go On” and Kay dutifully adding in the lyrics which cannot be repeated here bar saying they start off with, “Every night in my room, You see it, You feel it, Then you go and peel off my…“.

Whilst Kay’s spoken word performance in “A Letter to the Patient’s GP Please, Angela”, shows the cunning and ingenuity of the duo, mixing and matching puns, double meanings and everyday usage to probably shock Angela into an early heart attack. Such a simple carriage, the doctor dictating a letter describing the treatment of a patient, exemplifies the duo’s cleverness.

At their core Kay and Biswas are children in the bodies of  two (very/slightly drunk, respectively!) doctors. Their humour was childish, rude, cheeky, smutty, obscene, dirty, offensive, easily questionable and crude – but for some reason no one cared! Every snippet of their work, every joke, every punchline, every movement was met with applause, laughs and cheers.

The purists among the comedy fraternity may argue that what ‘Amateur Transplants’ do is simple, easy and mundane – adapting well-known songs with a few chosen lines of vulgarity – but the audience adore them, and as long as you aren’t offended too much you are guaranteed to leave with a smile on your face. You need to see the ‘Amateur Transplants’ live to truly appreciate them!

Rating: 4/5
Reviewer: Constantinos Kypridemos

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