NEWS: Misha B Reveals ‘Why Hello World” Mixtape

Misha B has released her mixtape ‘Why Hello World’ featuring a mix that consists of brand new songs and covers by her favourite artists.

To introduce in her own words, Misha says;

This is my mixtape 🙂 ( )

It’s a mix of songs I’ve been working on in the studio and songs by artists that inspire me.

As I’m from Manchester there was only one choice when it came to mixing the tracks – one of the city’s finest DJ Stylus.

Thanks for all your love and support – enjoy!

Misha x’

FYI-the tracklist:

1. Why Hello World Misha B Intro
2. Misha B – Big Dreaming
3. Weeknd ft Drake – Crew Love (Can’t You See Refix)
4. TLC – Unpretty Original / Misha B Cover (Cut)
5. Beyonce – Run the World (Stylus Refix)
6. Misha B – Last Forever
7. Misha B – Home Run
8. Adele – Rolling in the Deep (Classic Hip Hop Blend)/Misha B Cover
9. Usher – Climax
10. Lil Wayne ft Bruno Mars – Mirror Original / Misha B Cover
11. Outro

VIDEO: Alex Goot, Michael Henry and Justin Robinett “Rolling in the Deep / Someone Like You / Turning Tables”

Facebook and Twitter feeds often prove themselves to be the source of magical musical experiences. While we all like to discover new sounds, it is a lot easier to allow someone else to do the sourcing than trawling the internet yourself. So, we could barely contain our excitement this morning when one of our friends pasted this stunning collaboration between Alex Goot, Michael Henry and Justin Robinett. Though the internet is overflowing with fabulous reworkings of Adele’s amazing song catalogue, this latest competitor easily supersedes so many attempts as the trio really own the medley.

ALBUM REVIEW: Chris Selman “All Or Nothing”

Manchester based singer/songwriter Chris Selman first came to the attention of The Kaje at the end of 2011 when we accidentally stumbled across his ridiculously luscious single “The Smile Upon You Face”. With a vocal performance that reminded us of JJ72’s Mark Greaney, his heartfelt delivery  instantly captured both our hearts and imagination as we fell head over heels in love with the tender ballad. The discovery set us upon a quest to find out more about the mysterious muso, which has culminated in our discovery of the equally impressive album “All Or Nothing”.

Selman could not have summoned a more suitable title for his foray into the world of the relationship. Earlier this week we sang the praises of songstress Soap&Skin, whose honest outpouring was reminiscent of Adele’s open approach to songwriting. Selman hails from a similar school of thought. His journey through love details everything from long distance frustrations to game playing, but all facets are treated with an equal open mind and honest outpouring.

“All Or Nothing” is very much an album of two uneven halves. Opening with the upbeat “Track And Field”, Selman is capable of the playful sing along, but before long he descends into beautiful ballad terrain. While this may normally provoke a complaint, Selman’s dexterous compositions and distinct vocal ensure that “In Exile, Together” and “The Smile Upon Your Face” steal the show as the album draws to a close.

With more than a handful of radio friendly fodder, Selman is an artist who warrants more attention than he has to date garnered. A skillful songwriter and charismatic storyteller, he has carefully crafted a gem.

Rating: 4/5
Reviewer: Jeremy Williams

ALBUM REVIEW: Soap&Skin “Narrow”

Soap&Skin (Anja Plaschg) is not the type of artist whose work would be deemed ‘radio friendly’. Fair enough Jo Whiley may have given the stirring “Wonder” the odd spin on her Sunday night show, but that barely counts. While “Wonder” may represent the sole ‘commercial’ outing of Plaschg’s long-awaited sophomore release “Narrow”, it also  offers a fair insight into what the 21 year Austrian composer has on offer on her scintillating release.

Without venturing two far from the harrowing heartbreak of her 2009 debut “Lovetune For Vacuum”, Plaschg redefines the piano-based lovelorn lustre that Adele so rightly owned in 2011. While comparisons to Adele sonically are extremely inappropriate, on a content level, the two songwriters draw heavily on their emotional turmoil and translate the journeys into tragic tales that are easy for a listener to relate to.

For those unaware of Soap&Skin’s earlier work, it would be fair to say that while Adele caters for the radio listener, Plaschg focuses her energies to the left of centre. With a vocal that may provoke Regina Spektor comparatives, Plaschg boasts a little Polly Scattergood, a little Agnes Obel, a little P.J. Harvey, a little Tori Amos and a little Bjork, without ever losing her own startling presence.

“Narrow” contains compositions of epic proportions. The devastatingly uplifting “Vater” kicks off proceedings, with Plaschg focusing on the loss of her father with both experimental flare and a serene sincerity. While the twists and turns of “Vater” highlights both the highs and lows of loss, it sets the tone perfectly for what is to come. From here Plaschg takes us on a colourful journey through the industrial “Deathmental” and the tender “Cradelsong” before concluding with the brief drama of “Big Hand Nails Down”.

With each twist and turn, Plaschg is able to further entice her listener into her mindspace. “Narrow” is a colourful, challenging listen that warrants exploration. The experimental realm of Soap&Skin may not seem as immediately appealing as her commercial counterpart Adele, but “Narrow” is every inch as enticing as the stunning “21”.

Rating: 5/5
Reviewer: Jeremy Williams

The Kaje Sessions: Mark Hole

The Kaje Sessions presents Mark Hole. London based singer/songwriter Mark Hole has just unleashed this year’s most heart-breakingly beautiful ode to break-ups “Torture Garden” (move over Adele!), but with a stack of new material set to be unleashed over the next few months, here at The Kaje we are feeling more than a little privileged to have an exclusive home recording of “Stupid Love” especially for The Kaje Sessions.

Where did you record The Kaje Session?

In the rehearsal room at my house….. My flat mate was skills behind the camera.

What made you choose to use this location?

This is where my piano lives, where it’s warm and tea and cake is available. I didn’t really choose the location. It just made sense to do it there.

What is the most unusual live date you have ever played?

The most unusual live date I have ever played was on an airplane. A fan spotted me and requested I sang for her, so I did…. not before long I had all the passengers and crew singing along. Afterwards, I was the talk of the town, sold 7 Albums and even a got an offer to stay with an older woman for the weekend. I politely declined and simply blew her a kiss.

What made you choose “Stupid Love” for the session?

My flat mate loves this song and after holding a knife to my throat I thought I’d better sing it…. That’s why I look really scared….. This is looking to be the next single.

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