ALBUM REVIEW: Lianne La Havas “Is Your Love Big Enough?”

An appearance on the Jools Holland show is rarely a bad career move, but seldom does it really bolster an artist to the next level. However, when 22 year old South Londoner Lianne La Havas appeared on the show last October, her tender, thought-provoking rendition of “Age” became the talk of the music world for her stirring delivery and unforgettable vocal. Any music journo worth their salt knew that La Havas was a star in the making, and unsurprisingly she went on to appear in a wealth of Tips for Top 2012 lists. So with so many eyes watching her, the question on many a tongue this week is can La Havas overcome the external pressures and deliver on her highly anticipated debut “Is Your Love Big Enough?”

Thankfully the answer is a resounding YES! “Is Your Love Big Enough?” may be a little ballad heavy, but La Havas’ silky smooth tones and subtle compositions are beautiful to the core. “Is Your Love Big Enough?” truly showcases La Havas’ ability to really channel her emotions without ever overblowing the sentiment puts her in a similar league to effortless chanteuses Erykah Badu, Ane Brun, Ayo and Asa.

La Havas is at her finest when she is at the extreme of a spectrum. Album standouts are the effortless beauty of the stirring introspective “Lost & Found” and the fresh bite of break-up anthem “Forget”.

“Is Your Love Big Enough?” is so intrinsically beautiful that it is night on impossible to criticise. From the reflective pondering of the heartbroken – “Is Your Love Big Enough?” to the nonchalant sass – “”Don’t Wake Me Up”, La Havas engages her listener with her insightful musings and toe tapping numbers.

La Havas is unlike many of the artists who show early promise, top polls and the disappear, she has managed to followed through with a gracefully impressive debut and if there is any justice in the world, she will reap the rewards of her consistently superlative efforts. Without any doubt La Havas is the true star of 2012.

Rating: 5/5
Reviewer: Jeremy Williams


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