The Kaje talks Olympics to Morning Parade

The Olympic Torch has hit Birmingham with a frenzy in tow. As with each stop along its route, Coca Cola have hooked up three bands to entertain the masses. First up in Brum are the super talented, and super lovely Morning Parade. Having finally unleashed their self-titled debut album, the Essex five-piece are clearly relishing their rapidly growing success on both sides of the Atlantic. However, with a frantic crowd warming up for their arrival, The Kaje are privileged to grab a moment with vocalist Steve Sparrow and guitarist Chad Thomas to talk all things Olympic…

It must be quite an exciting gig for you guys, so how did it all come about?

Steve: It was mad. We just got a phone call out of the blue. They just said “Coca Cola would like you to perform as part of their Olympic Celebrations for the Future Flames.” We found out a little bit about what is was about, that it was a celebration of young, inspirational people within their communities and there was nothing else we could say other than “yes, please.”

Chad: It is a real honour. You hear the word Olympics and to think we are in some way a part of that is just mental. It is massive.

With your self-titled album also coming out this year after so long on the road, does it finally feel like it has all come together?

Steve: It is hard to decide how to measure success. It depends on which country we go to, as to how far we have got. At the moment we are spending a lot of time in America. The album has just been released there and it is Top 40 and the single is on the radio. It is crazy.

Chad: You are also always playing catch up on your touring. There is always somewhere you need to revisit. You can’t stop and look back to appreciate, you have to live in the bubble of that day.

Steve: Days like today make you think, “hey, we must be doing alright!”

How have your ambitions changed as a result of mainstream success?

Steve: You just start to look at things differently. When you start out as a kid you are just naive, but when you spend time at it, you realise it is just about finding goals to please yourself. You should not worry too much as long as you are happy. As long as you love it and believe in it, then that is all that matters.

Chad: It keeps you grounded so you can enjoy the ride.

How do you feel about the Olympics as an event?

Steve: It is crazy. We live quite near to where the games are being built, so we have watched it grow for the last six years. It is just so weird that is actually happening, especially for the area of Stratford. It will be interesting to see how London copes with the amount of people coming over.

Music has been very involved with the whole event, do you think that the arts and sports are closely linked?

Steve: It is all about achieving something. About getting yourself to a certain level. As an athlete you dedicate your life to building your body, as an artist you spend years honing your craft. I think there is a lot of dedication at the core of both disciplines.

Chad: No matter what you do, you have to make sacrifices to achieve your dream. Whether that is an Olympic medal or playing at Glastonbury.

Steve: I think in the society we live in, when shows like X Factor make it look so instantaneous, the Olympics are great to show people how important dedication and application are. They show that if you really want something, you have to work to get it.

The Olympic Gold is the epitome for the athlete, what is your own Olympic Gold?

Steve: I think the hardest thing for an artist is to make something that lasts, so I think for me the Olympic Gold is to be able to write an album that is timeless. But along the way you get mini Golds, for example, in America we get kids who come up and show us tattoos of our lyrics. It is amazing to think that they have locked in so tightly with our thoughts and emotions.

Interview and Photograph: Jeremy Williams


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