The Kaje talks international success to Geva Alon

Israeli singer/songwriter Geva Alon may not be a household name in the UK as yet, but anyone who has heard his most recent outing “In The Morning Light”, will find it hard to disagree with the evidence that Alon is the closest to a contemporary Dylan that the music world has to offer. A humble presence on record, Alon’s soothing compositions are refreshingly unassuming, yet somehow manage to slip into your soul and shake you to your foundations. With such blissful impact still stirring The Kaje, we decided to waste little time in finding why it has taken the already internationally claimed song-smith so long to hit our shores…

You have experienced a lot of success at home in Israel-what has prompted your decision to take it to an international level now?

I always worked my career in my home country and abroad at the same time. But naturally, being from Israel, I played and pushed my music in Israel a lot more than other places. As my career moved forward, the international market became more of a focus.

Your material is seemingly more influenced by the American as opposed to the Israeli-why do you think this is?

A lot of the music that was around me as a child was American and British. My dad used to listen to Elvis and my older brothers introduced me to the Stones, Zeppelin, Hendrix, Neil Young, Dylan and many more. So those were my main influences as a child.

Your compositions work on two levels-the emotional and the political-was this a conscious decision?

I usually write from personal and emotional experiences. A lot of my songs come from romance and nostalgia to my days as a child growing up on a Kibbutz. I try to avoid politics although living in this region sometimes it’s inevitable.

Tell us more about “In The Morning Light” both conceptually and lyrically…

For me this album symbols a new chapter in my adult life, where I try to focus on what’s really important to me and the way I want to live my life. Before the making of this album I had a very intense few years which really changed my point of view on many things in the music industry and my life style. So I think this album is a new dawn for me, hence the title “In The Morning Light”.

“In The Morning Light” is album 4-how would you say it compares to your earlier work?

I think it is very different than anything I’ve done in the past. It’s the first album that I recorded outside of Israel and with a group of musician that I never met before the day we started recording. All the arrangements of the songs were made during the recordings and I think it gave the album a really fresh sound.

If you had to pick one song to exemplify “In The Morning Light”, which would it be? Why?

“Valor Girl” is a good example and one of favorite track on the album. The sound, atmosphere and looseness on that track really defines the vibe of the group during the recordings.

What are your ambitions for “In The Morning Light”?

I’m really proud of this record so I want to be able to introduce it to as many people as possible anywhere in the world by touring as much as I can.

You are bringing the live show to the UK-what is the Geva Alon live experience?

The live versions are more intense than the albums. Me and the band tend to take the songs to the next level with deeper and longer solos and jams in some songs, and tougher and harder in others.

Which aspect do you prefer-performance or recording?

I love both aspects although I must say having played way more shows than recorded albums, I think I’m more connected to live aspect. It’s always thrilling, new and never boring.

Interview by Jeremy Williams


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