ALBUM REVIEW: Gossip “A Joyful Noise”

Ok, so I have to admit, on first listen there were resounding cries of ‘oh no, what have they done?’ accompanied by vigorous shakes of the head. However, it didn’t take long to be won over, second listen and I was hooked. It’s fair to say Gossip have come a long way since their outset back in 1999.

‘A Joyful Noise’ is their third mainstream studio album, and with each release they seem to develop as a band and bring something new to the table. This time it is a sense of maturity, comprising of an ‘awakening’ and a renewed sense of self-empowerment, yet all is portrayed with a cheeky dance/pop undertone. The band’s research into pop music is definitely evident, this album being much less rock-oriented than we’re used to with Gossip, but don’t let this fool you, the lyrics are still as meaningful and as considered as ever, and Ditto’s voice continues to provoke those little hairs to stand on end.

Standout tracks include ‘Get A Job,’ whose chants of ‘I’d love to stay and party but I gotta go to work’ would resonate with the majority of us I expect, and ‘Move In The Right Direction’ which is destined to be a floor-filler across the land. To be fair there isn’t a poor track on the album. Lead single ‘Perfect World’ isn’t quite as anthemic as some of its predecessors, but it still manages to tug at your curiosity strings, and once caught there will definitely be no looking back. ‘A Joyful Noise’ is going to be a serious contender for my album of the year…

Rating: 5/5
Reviewer: Katherine Rippon 


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