The Kaje talks travel to The Sea

Newquay brothers Alex and Peter D’Chisholme spent their childhood balancing their surf obsession with a musical fascination. Inspired by The Beatles and Cream, it is little surprise that the D’Chisholme’s have more than an inkling of how to create a dynamic pop song. Having been crowned XFm’s ‘Best Unsigned Band In The UK” back in 2008, the brothers have wasted little time in cultivating their sound. With The Sea dividing their time between the road and the recording studio, here at The Kaje we have been more than little blown away by the love letter that forms their sophomore release, “Rooftops”. With the D’Chisholme’s freshly in the UK from a German tour, we decided to jump at the chance to talk travel and tunes…

You have spent a major part of the last two years on the road, how have the travels inspired “Rooftops”?

Yeah we’ve been to a lot of places, but with the exception of ‘New York’ it’s mostly inspired by London. Two Cornish boys moving to London and trying to figure how this big city works.

Where was the most inspirational or awe-inspiring place you have visited?

Awe-inspiring hmmm… New York. When you first go over the Brooklyn Bridge at night time heading into Manhattan, there is no doubt where you are in the world. We were very much like “Bloody hell, can you believe we’re actually doing this!”

What has a life on the road taught you?

Get sleep whenever you can! People all over the world are largely the same (in a good way).

How do you fit in writing new material with touring?

It is difficult. We tend to record new ideas on our phones and note pads, then try to make sense of them when we’re home.

Which part of the process do you prefer-touring or recording?

Well, when we’re in the studio we’re very much “this is where it’s at for us. Never want to leave the studio” until we actually get on the stage and then it feels like the best thing ever and we can’t believe we ever thought we could do without it.

Can you tell us a little bit more about “Rooftops”?

It’s an album about falling in love with a girl in London. It’s London seen through rose tinted glasses, a fantasy world really.

How do you think you have changed sonically since “Get It Back”?

Well if we have it’s more of an unconscious decision, in the sense that we just gave each song what we felt it demanded. If we heard horns or strings in our heads, we’d put it down. I guess this record is more pop than “Get It Back”. That’s not to say the next album with be like “Rooftops” though.

Comparisons are inevitable in the industry, who would you compare yourselves with?

The White Stripes playing Coldplay songs (certainly for this album)

What is the strangest comparison you have ever heard?

Had a lot of people on the first album saying it sounded like MC5 and Ramones, which we found quite amusing because we’d never really listened to those bands before that point.

And the most complimentary?

The Kills (with a male singer) with Keith Moon on drums.

How do your influences differ to your comparisons?

Well some of them are right on – White Stripes, The Kills etc. But we also both listen to Jazz quite a bit too, it’s the craziness of it that we’re really into but I’m not sure if that comes across or not.

The lead single from “Rooftops” is the riotous “New York”-what about the city captivated you?

It’s so high, I think any British band that gets to play over there for the first time you can’t help but feel good.

How did you choose a lead single from the record?

It just felt right. It’s also a good introduction to the sound of this record. It’s also the intro to the story of the whole album.

If you had to advise one skip to track as an introduction-which would it be?

New York

With the record now all set, are you looking forward to taking it out on the road?

God yeah! We’ve been touring a fair bit already and it’s feeling really, really good – we’re right in the middle of the madness (I’m in a dressing room in Berlin right now). We’re looking forward to doing the bigger shows in the UK this summer too. I think we’ll get the next record out pretty soon next year too so we can just keep touring and moving on. It’s just way too much fun to stop!

Interview by Jeremy Williams


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