The Kaje Sessions: The Kill Van Kulls

The Kaje Sessions presents The Kill Van Kulls. Having been so impressed by their latest single “Impossible Man”, here at The Kaje we could not resist asking Manchester’s very own musical lovechild of The Editors and The Killers to record us a The Kaje Session. Thankfully the lovely electro indie popstars agreed immediately and this here is the result, an amazing recording of “Shame And Pride” especially for The Kaje Sessions.

Where did you record The Kaje Session?

We recorded The Kaje Session is our own studio space in Stockport.

What made you choose to use this location?

We chose this location for the recording of the session because we had recently moved into the studio space.  It’s always nice to work in your own space, and this one provided an environment that was both bare and familiar enough to successfully capture the session. We usually play live shows with electronics on stage: a laptop, synths etc. So this session gives an idea of how we form songs in our own space with less of those to hand.

What is the most unusual live date you have ever played?

Erm… I don’t think we have ever played a live date that we would call ‘unusual’. However, we supported The Airbourne Toxic Event and up until that point we had only played a handful of shows, so playing on a stage of that size was a new experience. We got a good reaction from the crowd and the opportunity to hear our songs fill a larger room.

What made you choose “Shame And Pride” for the session?

We chose “Shame And Pride” because as well as being a fairly new song for us, it is a track that features on our latest release, “Songs For Sinners EP”. Although it isn’t the lead track of the EP, we felt that it was worthy enough to have its own little slice of the action in the promotion of the EP.

(Questions answered by Chris Walton-bass/vocals)


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