The Kaje talks musical identity to Joyce

Katherine Fussey (a.k.a Joyce) may hail from musical royalty (her father sound engineered for David Bowie, while her uncle Mick Ronson played guitar for him and her aunt Suzi Fussey created the iconic Ziggy Stardust haircut), but as her synth-heavy electro pop cover of Wave Machines “Keep The Lights On” demonstrates,  she is set to be a musical force in her own right. To celebrate today’s release of “Keep The Lights On”, The Kaje caught up with Fussey to talk musical goals and musical heritage…

You perform under a pseudonym-why have chosen to be ‘Joyce’ as opposed to Katherine Fussey?

It sort of just worked because it is my middle name and has meaning in my family. I think it has a nicer ring to it.

What are the distinctions between Joyce and Katherine Fussey?

They’re one in the same!

If you had to describe Joyce sonically, what are the project’s intentions?

I get asked that a lot and I can never fix myself to one conclusion. Bits of me have been compared to different varied artists by other people. I can only describe it as me in music form. Just have a little listen and see what you can hear!

Your lead single is “Keep The Lights On”-can you tell us a little more about the track itself..

Its got spiky electric synths, some lovely tuneful guitars and a hypnotising drum beat that my mind wanders to when I listen to it.

How did you select “Keep The Lights On” as your introductory track?

Being a cover song I realise that people might think its an odd choice for a first single but I was so drawn to the arrangement and I connected to it like it was my own. It just felt right.

How exemplary of your sound is “Keep The Lights On”?

I love a lot of different sounds and backdrops to music and I don’t like the idea of being pigeon holed into one particular corner of music, I’m in love with it all! I think “Keep The Lights On” is a good representation of where I sit now, but I tend to get itchy feet with that sort of thing.

You hail from a family that has already more than proved its musical pedigree-do you feel any pressure to succeed?

I can’t look at it like that, otherwise I might explode. I have incredible respect for all of them and they give me the best advice I’ve ever had, so I’m grateful for that.

Was music the obvious choice career wise for you?

I’ve never thought about doing anything else, in fact, I’m no good at anything else.

What advice have your family offered you as you take your baby steps towards musical stardom?

At first it was “don’t do it”, but now they help me where they can, mainly just let me do what I gotta do.

Would you say your strongest musical influences come from family, or are there any artists you look to for inspiration?

It all subliminally sinks in whether it be family or music or just day to day life, but I couldn’t tell you what came from where.

If you had to define your ultimate goal, what would that be?

To be happy and look back on my life and say “I didn’t do too badly did I”.

Interview by Jeremy Williams


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