The Kaje talks ‘Overjoyed’ to Bastille

Last time we spoke to London’s Dan Smith (aka Bastille) he had just unleashed the beyond brilliant EP “Laura Palmer” independently. At the time there were whispers of major label interest, so it is little surprise that less than six months later he is all set to unleash his major label debut single “Overjoyed” and head out on the road for a series of headline shows. With “Overjoyed” picking up where “Laura Palmer” left off, The Kaje were thrilled to find that the buzz has far from gone to the ambitious, talented yet humble Smith…

Last time we spoke you had just released ‘Laura Palmer’ independently. Only a few months later and you are all set to release your major label debut single ‘Overjoyed’-can you fill us in on the last few months…

I’ve spent the last few months working on an album and a couple of other things. I made a mixtape/album called “Other People’s Heartache” in a short break in the middle of the album, and it’s up as a free download online (at We’ve also been rehearsing quite a bit and getting ready to start gigging again which should be fun. 

With a record label now behind you, do you feel increased pressure to fulfil other’s expectations?

I guess so. It’s gone from being a really small group of people involved to quite a lot more, so inevitably there’s a bit more expectation – which isn’t something we’ve ever really had before. 

How did you select ‘Overjoyed’ as your latest single?

I wanted to chose something that would be an interesting introduction for people who have never heard of Bastille. It was difficult actually choosing what that song would be though because I’ve tried to make all of our songs as different from each other as possible, so it’s hard to know what’s representative. Hopefully “Overjoyed” is a good way in to my other songs and the album.

Can you tell us a little more about the track…

It’s a song I wrote and initially recorded in my bedroom about a year ago, around Christmas time actually. Although it couldn’t be any less christmassy if it tried. I wanted to make something atmospheric that represented some of the things I was thinking about at the time, and wrote most of it at a piano and then came up with the beat on my laptop. It came together quickly which is always satisfying.

Last time you also mentioned that you were working on your debut album-how is that going? When can we expect a release?

It’s very nearly finished, we just have to record some strings (which I’m really excited about) and then it’s a question of cutting it down a bit because there’s a few too many songs at the moment. It has been a lot of fun to make, but feels weird to think the process is nearly over. It will be out a bit later this year, around the end of the summer I think.

With a tour scheduled for the next few weeks-what can people expect from Bastille live?

Hopefully a good energetic show. And we’ll be playing a whole bunch of new songs from the album for the first time, so that should be interesting. For us at least.

You have toured with both Fenech-Soler and Foster The People-have they taught you anything from their stage show?

They both have really engaging live shows where everyone on stage seems to be doing loads of different things. We’ve tried to take a bit from that aspect, as well as some other more geeky technical stuff which they both had going on that made us think about how we could be better and make better sounds.

Who is the greatest live act you have ever seen?

Gosh I have no idea. Off the top of my head Jay Z at Glastonbury a couple of years ago was awesome.

With 2012 kicking off in a splendid fashion-what do you hope to achieve before it draws to a close?

I hope some people like the album that I’ve made and it would be great to have done a bunch of good tours as a band.

Interview and Photograph by Jeremy Williams


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