ALBUM REVIEW: Blood Red Shoes “In Time To Voices”

Now don’t get us wrong, we loved 2008’s “Box of Secrets” and 2010’s “Fire Like This”, but for all their beauty their sound was really defined by the fact that Brighton’s Blood Red Shoes are a guitar/drum duo. Though the albums packed a punch and made more than a little impression, it is beyond exciting to hear a far fuller sound contained within their latest release “In Time To Voices”. While Laura-Mary Carter and Steven Ansell have not really changed the formula, the album shows a growth within their production and sees them delivering a more rounded riot of sound.

From the haunting opening of title track “In Time To Voices”, the duo show that album number 3 means business. As with previous releases it is evident that Carter is the light to Ansell’s dark. Yet as they chant “closer, closer, taking me over” it is clear that despite their ongoing musical battle, they have reached a unity that has never been fully explored before. The harmony displays a maturity which echoes throughout the release.

While Ansell’s lo-fi hum dominates on personal favourite “Lost Kids”, it is perhaps lead single “Cold” that best demonstrates what “In Time To Voices” stands for. While the duo have far from sold out on their earlier sound, their 8 year journey in the world of music has highlighted their need for commercial viability. “Cold” never loses the essence of what Blood Red Shoes has always been, but with driving riffs, an addictive hook and riotous chorus, Carter and Ansell prove that they are ready for mainstream crossover success on their own terms.

“In Time To Voices” is a no-skip needed album, but that being said there are some definite skip to tracks that will dominate your listening experience. The aforementioned “Lost Kids” demonstrates Ansell’s strength, while “Down Here In The Dark” sees him shine to an equal degree. Carter’s delicate presence is on spine tingling form on the epic “The Silence And The Drones”, which should most definitely be a future single. While we are talking singles-the playful “Stop Kicking”  and the raw “Two Dead Minutes”.

Rating: 4/5
Reviewer: Jeremy Williams

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