The Kaje talks past, present and future to The Minutes

Dublin three-piece The Minutes hit 2011 with a sheer determination. Having formed back in 2006 they had built up a solid reputation as a must-see live act, but had yet to release a record. This was rectified with the Irish release of debut album “Marcata”, which finally sees light of day in the UK. With an impending UK tour, The Kaje thought it was high time we had a chat with the lovely lads..

You ended 2011 by heading out to do a few dates in the UK and welcoming 2012 in similar fashion – can you maybe just quickly sum up the year that has been? And give us insight into the year that is to come..

Last year was the first REAL year for The Minutes. All our previous work led up to signing our deal with Model Citizen, releasing “Marcata” in Ireland and the EU, touring every nook and cranny of Ireland twice over expansively, a sprinkle of UK dates and a European our with Flogging Molly.

2012 will see our first headline UK tour, SXSW in March along with a US EP release. Some more US dates hopefully and the recording of Album number two!

Your have stated that your sound draws on Thin Lizzy and The Smiths – who have been your other inspirations?

Bob Dylan, Fleetwood Mac pre and post Peter Green, QOTSA, BRMC, Led Zep, The Doors, The Beatles… The list goes on…

What to you defines a The Minutes track?

Power, melody and no unnecessary bullshit.

Your debut album “Marcata” has finally been released – can you tell us what we can expect?

Its about 34 minutes long. It will come into your house make itself tea without asking, chat up your Mother /Sister/Wife/Daughter/Aunt /Niece… Make it with them. Leave and never call again.

How does it feel to have the album ready and be able to take it on the road?

It feels good. It’s normal. We’re finding new things about the songs everytime we play them so it stays exciting for us and hopefully for the audience too. No two shows are the same – that’s what I love. I don’t know what I’m gonna do say think or feel from night to night. And like wise with the lads… We keep it engrossing.

Is there a track on the record that you most look forward to playing live?

For many of the above reasons “Guilt Quilt” is a personal favourite.

How would you define The Minutes live experience?

Similar to the album – but in real time with moving pictures.

Post-tour what have The Minutes got up their sleeve?

One day of relaxation followed by thirty more writing new tunes.

“Marcata” is out January 20th 2012. More info

Words by Jeremy Williams


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