LIVE REVIEW: The Casiokids, Shacklewell Arms (London) 24.11.2011


The Casiokids are just a little bit too cool for school. They have weird haircuts and tight jeans, they are an almost new and shiny breed of androgynous androids.

Honestly, I’m not even sure they’re real.

Or is that just their London fans?

The Casiokids first got me smiling and dancing with their track ‘En Vill Hest’ and have continued to keep me dancing and smiling with their progressive pop/electronica with just the right amount of synth and energy to deliver a fun,wildly energetic and creative sound. Squeezed into the corner of a pub in London, however, it didn’t really take.

The Casiokids charm lies in their ability to whip the audience into a dance frenzy in the most theatrical way possible, sending out happy vibes in hard core waves of get-up-and-dance-phenomena.

Unfortunately, on this particularly  grey thursday evening, it seems half the crowd has left their dancing boots at home and the other half are trying desperately to make up for their flagging counterparts with a great deal of flying limbs, tapping stilettos and something I have only seen in advanced aerobic classes. I think I might leave with serious bodily injury.

We are confused. We are helpless. We look to Casiokids to tell us what to do and it all feels a little bit like trying to catch up in dance class all over again.

Though I am won over by Det Hester and their tribute to the London Olympics- Olympiske Leker, the evening fell a little shorter with each stiletto stab to the foot and the happy trails Casiokids so kindly left all about my bedroom

listening to their first album didn’t really translate into the overcrowded pub in London.

Perhaps the colourful world which Casiokids first introduced me to simply cannot coexist with the city doldrums?

Reviewer :Dominique Gozdawa

Rating: 3/5


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