The Kaje talks “All Through Winter” to Georgia Fair

Jordan Wilson and Ben Riley became good mates in the early years of secondary school. With their passion for music forming a solid common ground, it was not long before the pair started experimenting with composition and performance. Though those early scribblings may now be nothing more than a fond memory, the partnership blossomed into a project now known worldwide as Georgia Fair. Having spent years on the road perfecting their craft, the boys finally recorded their debut album in the States and unleashed it to critical acclaim in October. With the boys popularity rapidly on the rise, we grabbed a few moments with Wilson to find out more about the record..

‘All Through Winter’ is the culmination of several years hard work – how does it feel to finally have an album out?

It’s something we’ve been looking forward to since we first started jammin’ together.

Was it a case of quality not pace that prompted you to take your time?

Well it was mainly a matter of timing really, we didn’t want to wait to long or rush into it.

With so long on the road, you have a wealth of material under your belt – how did you decide which material would make the grade?

We demo’d about 17 tracks, but when it came time to record it was pretty clear which one’s were flowing! We write a lot though so you can’t be to precious with your songs.

How would you describe ‘All Through Winter’?

It’s our first offering to the universe that we’re completely happy with. It fully sounds like what Ben and my own soul sounds like when we make music together, it’s not something you can really describe but hopefully you can hear it.

Is there a track that stands out for you?

‘Time’ to me stands out because we pushed ourselves way out of our comfort zone. The album is named after a lyric in that song.

Over the years you have worked and toured with a wealth of artists – what has been the highlight?

This last tour we did with The Panics was awesome. We’ve finally managed to find ourselves on the stage, thanks to the new muso’s we’re working with, as well as a whole lot of growing up.

Has anyone offered their wise words? If so, what were they?

She wouldn’t remember telling us this, but I do remember Meg Washington once told us not to worry so much about this biz because we’re all gonna die anyway. At the time I just laughed but now I think about that most days.

What would be your own advice to someone just setting up in the music industry?

It’s not necessarily my advice but, if you have to write or play music, then you owe it to yourself to do so. Also that you’re gonna die so what the hell!

Words and Images: Jeremy Williams


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