LIVE REVIEW: Kilford ‘The Music Painter’ Paints Live With Zarif & Left Step Band, The Social (London), 15.11.10

As far as music-painting goes, I am no expert.

But you have to admit that art and music make quite an attractive marriage, so I was intrigued when I learned that Kilford “the Music painter” visualises colour and shape to accompany sounds, and this is how his work is done. Quite a romantic idea, you might think.

You would be right.

After wondering about London’s West End foraging for food and bustling far too close to busy London-walk-walkers just for body warmth, I was exultant to fall into the open doors of the Social and happier still to find a seat available in the crowded intimacy of all of London’s cool kids.

The night was fired up with a few up-beat, spirited numbers from Left Step Band who were all on great form as the audience (packed in as we were) sang along to the chorus and matured high school crushes on the band, while Kilford sketched and danced like an art-school prodigy on amphetamines.

Whether this particular collaboration added to either half of its parts is not known, but the alliance was certainly complimentary and made for an interesting watch. My eye gaze ricocheted between the band and the artist. If I got bored with one, I could always look to the other and with a powerhouse on either side, it was like a beautiful, creative car crash you couldn’t look away from.

By the time Zarif entered the stage, Kilford had moved on to the paints and the night became three times more interesting (like I said, I’m no expert).

Zarif brought with her a far softer edge. Her buttery voice and charisma made it easier to watch Left Step Band leave (this was still disappointing) and together, they painted.

What it was, I couldn’t say.

But I liked it.  I’m so postmodern….

Zarif sang a few numbers from her new album, Box of Secrets which went down well with the audience becoming more talkative and the canvas resembling more and more something I would like to see on my wall. I asked my sister, who is an artist, what she thought.

“Mmm, he’s very postmodern…”

I think she was joking.

Whether you are an art-head, a music-freak or just plain curious, the event happens once a month on every third Monday. The money goes to charity, in case you need another reason…beside my expert opinion and all…..

Rating: 4/5
Reviewer: Dominique Gozdawa



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