The Kaje Sessions: Momo:tempo

The Kaje Sessions presents Momo:tempo. In a very unique twist to The Kaje Sessions, Momo:tempo invites you into his garage for a house party to celebrate his birthday. Now there is an invitation you cannot refuse!

Where did you record The Kaje Session?

In the empty garage that’s now being turned into Momo’s new studio. First bit of music the room heard. It might not be setting its production sights very high after this.

What made you choose to use this location?

We were having a combined house-warming / studio-wetting / forty-turning do. I’d been wondering what to do for Momo’s The Kaje Session and thought it might be a wheeze to take a cue from the imminent milestone. So I wrote this little thing, got together some of the gang with all but no explanation of what the hell was going on, and interrupted my own birthday party with it.

What is the most unusual live date you have ever played?

Oh, I’ve played some empty, obscure old venues in my time. Going way back to the start of things, twenty years ago, I played one venue loads of times over subsequent years – a converted barn in Dorset. Not converted very thoroughly. The old generator would give power spikes which our old analogue synths did not like at all. Had to stop one song dead and reboot the show sheepishly because they were playing out of key. ..But then, you’d sing higher all of a sudden if you’d had a spike somewhere nasty.

What made you choose “My Birthday” for the session?

Momo’s musical sound is a lot about the captured studio moment. To sound dull there for a sec. But it is – it’s about sound and rhythm and layers of thought that you could explore over and over. And this sort of needs to turn into a rehearsed theatre when done live – it’s all about the show. But, ah, I’m no great rehearser as a personality – after all that work in the studio, I rather prefer to turn up, make jokes, prat about and somehow get away with it when someone shouts Action! In the end, I wrote something deliberately lo-tech and innocent-sounding to appropriately mark the moment I entered a new chapter – because, however exciting the new times ahead, I never really leave my childhood. ‘Playing’ is the essence of everything creative, surely.


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