The Kaje talks X Factor to Brenda Edwards

Brenda Edwards may not have won the X Factor, but given her glowing CV, it is evident that to be a winner of the reality TV series does not really mean getting the first place. Having gone from musical to musical, Brenda has finally decided to unleash a debut single “You KNow How To Love Me” on the British public.

It has been half a decade since you entered The X Factor – did you ever imagine you would still be working in the music industry despite coming fourth?

I’ve been so lucky, I’ve not stopped working now for five years and I’m just grateful that I’m doing what I love every day.

What for you has been the highlight of your career the past five years?

There has been so many great highlights for me, Chicago, We Will Rock You, supporting Smokey Robinson and the release of my first single are definitely high spots for me.

Having built a career in musicals, what made you decide to return the world of the recording artist?

I’ve considered a number of recording projects over the years but it’s never been the right project or the right time, when this track came along to me it felt right and fitted right in to my schedule.

Your debut single is “You Know How To Love Me” – can you tell us a little bit more about it…

The single really captures me and my style of singing, I’ve often thought it is as if it had been written for me. I’m a soul girl at heart. This is a good example of some of the stuff you can expect from me. We’re nearly finished on the album and we already have a follow up track ready. The album will have a good mix on there for sure.

Who would you say are your musical inspirations?

Aretha Frankin, Tina Turner, Whitney Houston, Queen, Luther Vandross amongst many others, I grew up listening to lots of different styles of music.

What are your hopes for the recording career?

Well I don’t have expectations, I just live for today and enjoy doing what I do and hope that people like what I do. I would love to take a show on the road with my band I love performing live!

You will be balancing the records with a continued West End presence – how do you plan to balance the two?

I’ve got quite used to it now, I just did an 18 hour day shooting the video for my single and then went to play Killer Queen in We Will Rock You, I’m just lucky that I can do it. The balance takes good planning and motivation to keep going.

Inevitably, back to the X Factor… Since you took part, the show has undergone a lot of controversy. Are you still a fan of the format?

I love the X Factor, who doesn’t, it’s a great show and still gives people like me the ability to achieve their dreams. As I am always working on Saturdays I set it up to record and watch it as soon as I get in.

If you had your time again, would you still enter the competition?

Without question yes, how can I ever not want to do some of the amazing things I’ve done and achieved.

Who is your favourite contestant of all time on the show..

I obviously love all the guys from my year.

Do you feel their is a stigma attached to the show, almost pre-empting failure?

I dont think there is a stigma at all as long as there is genuine talent to back it up.

What have you made to this year’s competition?

It’s been a frenzy already, I’m really looking forward to see it develop there’s some great talent.

Would you be able to predict a winner?

Too early to call, there’s a few I like though Aiden, Rebecca, Treyc, Matt and Cher.


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