LIVE REVIEW: Jim Jones Revue, o2 Academy (Birmingham), 20/10/2010

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from the Jim Jones Revue, I’d watched a few clips online of their gigs and heard some good things about them. From their clips they seemed to fill the stage with their presence and the gig was sold out so all the signs seemed quite positive.

An intimate in the academy, Birmingham but completely rammed. It seemed that Jim Jones Revue fans are quite dedicated, know all the songs and know the structure of the show, sing back lyrics, know when to clap and can follow each song quickly.

This was something the band did well, there were very few moments of talking to the crowd and gimmicks but lots moving quickly from one song to the next which actually made the gig flow really well.

The Jim Jones Revue are made up of Jim Jones, Rupert Orton, Gavin Jay, Nick Jones and Elliot Mortimer, their sound has been compared to early Rock ‘n’ Roll mixed with punk. It’s definitely a unique sound and although not really knowing how to describe it at first and was a little confused at the beginning as I couldn’t quite make out why some of the crowd were sporting quaffs and the others plugs in their ears but it all became apparent when I heard Jim Jones’ deep, full voice that held a tune so well it filled the room with atmosphere. The highlight of the show for me was definitely the piano sections of the songs, it was what really gave the Jim Jones Revue a unique sound that makes them instantly recognisable.

The band filled every second with truly rocking out the venue and were very committed to their own sound and style.

At one point it did feel uncomfortable in the crowd listening to offensive comments about other cities and the band inciting this however their swift manoeuvre to playing music relaxed the atmosphere back again.

Generally a good crowd and a song packed gig, which was a unique musical experience.

Rating: 4/5
Reviewer: Eleni Kypridemos



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  2. by “offensive comments about other cities” i assume the “f*ck Leicester” bit, which was obviosuly intended as a joke as the band had just said about how they hoped the Birmingham crowd was louder than the Leicetsre crowd. I don’t think there was anythign to feel uncomfortable about wiht those comments, from what i could tell there was no viscious intent.

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