Record Label: Fierce
Release Date: 25.10.2010

Forget the X Factor, Manchester  based hip-hop inspired pop collective LZ7 are just what the UK music industry are missing. Whilst comparisons to everything from Black Eyed Peas to N Dubz are inevitable, this upbeat quartet have enough of their own sound to defy soundalike status. Their upbeat message of positivity could have so easily gone wrong, but it is delivered in a manner that wreaks authenticity.

Opening with lead single “This Little Light” the tone for the record is set immediately. Their no frills approach delivers a burst of pure but credible pop. The universal sound perfect radio fodder that will get bodies moving from the car to the dance floor. However, “This Little Light” is just the introduction and “Light” goes from strength to strength as the album grows.

To say that “Ditto” is the albums strongest track almost seems too bold a statement as with each listen another song comes to the fore. However, “Ditto” will, in my opinion, be the song that breaks the group into the commercial mainstream. Having already made a name for themselves on the internet, they need a crossover radio hit and “Ditto” is perfect for the terrain.

Perhaps the most surprisingly infectious turn comes in the form of their “Oh Happy Day” reworking “Four Points”. The subtle use of a gospel refrain in the dancefloor stomp is a perfect example of how LZ7 stand out from the crowd. The use is ingenious and makes for unforgettable listening.

“Light” is without doubt one of the strongest pop albums of 2010. LZ7 have spent years perfecting their craft and now it is time for them to reap the rewards.

Rating: 5/5
Reviewer: Jeremy Williams


  1. CANT WAIT!!!!!

  2. You have to be kidding right!!!! Black eyed pead…ndubz…please wind it in!!!!!

  3. Yay can’t wait to get my copy! Loved ‘This Little Light’!!

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  5. […] Williams of The Kaje magazine describes Light as ‘without doubt one of the strongest pop albums of […]

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