The Kaje talks “Creation Records” to Exit Calm

Exit Calm are a British band formed in May 2006 after the breakup of Lyca Sleep. Exit Calm are a dynamic rock band that make sounds come to life, Exit Calm are Nicky Smith (Vocals), Rob Marshall (Guitars), Scott Pemberton (Drums), Simon Lindley (Bass). . Exit Calm are performing at Creation Records film launch gig in Brixton (13th Nov’ 2010). Here’s how a few quick questions helped me understand what the band is all about.

Your Ep is so calm and melodic, it’s also romantic, I’m wondering what your inspiration is?

Calm and melodic aren’t words they have been used to describe us lately, and romantic never gets said – I think the stone roses sound more romantic than any most bands, and it was never said about them – so that’s cool. I suppose the calmness is in ‘hope’ and ‘serenity’, although ‘hope’ gets pretty frantic in the end. Everything Nicky does is melodic, ‘don’t look down’ is one of his best. He’s in there with Mick Head and Steve Mason for melodies in my view, you can’t deny them. The inspiration comes from trying to make something more vital and alive than most things knocking around nowadays, that more so than any band or style really. Its odd cos the songs on the EP we’re written at totally different times in the band but they sit together and seem to make sense as a four – I reckon it’s the positivity that comes through.

I’ve read that you were particular influenced by bands such as the Verve, I’m wondering what exactly it is about their sound that you connect to?

The Verve thing gets said by other people mostly, sometimes obsessively as a put down,  we’ve never denied the influence. Of course they are a big influence – it’s just that there’s more to us than just that, it’s just the other stuff just isn’t in the mainstream – or it’s not for northern white kids with guitars. I suppose we connect to the verve because we’re four people making a huge sound with a minimal approach and we have a frontman who’s an original. Me and rob used to wear red cords aswell if that’s increases comparison.

Are there particular moments when you find it easier to compose?

Us four, in a room – we never jam – we just know when we’ve hit it.

What’s life like in the band?

Well personally, I’m in a band with 3 of my best friends, who just happen to be the best musicians around. So yeah, it’s a struggle.

Your album has some excellent reviews, do you ever read these?

Yeah, not all of em, but some – usually we get alerted by our label and manager.

How does it make you feel when you read them?

It’s amazing when people take it in and put positive words out, you can always tell the spaceheads from the indie kids from the stuff they mention. We’ll get the chameleons or MBV, then the longpigs. The negative ones are usually more to do with where we’re from or what coat we wear than any tunes. Or we’re not ‘now’. Gutted. The finest thing is reading reviews that are done purely to raise the profile of the scribbler doing it.

What are your plans for the future?

After this run of gigs we start writing and recording the 2nd album. They’ll be a limited remixes release at Christmas for all the deserving souls amongst us.

Where are you playing in the next few months?

We have the Creation Records film launch gig in Brixton (13th Nov) and Liam Gallaghers Pretty Green club night launch – both of which we are honoured to be part of.

Having listened to the EP is there a song that stands out the most and why?

Personally, I’d say Joel’s remix of ‘serenity’ – for the reason its new on my ears and to hear someone elses take on us is a beautiful thing. He’s given it a really warm feel, as it was a sparse tune to start with –  and its all done in stages, things coming in and out, making Nicky’s vocal the centred soul to it all. If you know Joel’s band ‘south’ and their first album, you’ll understand his approach totally. Its ones of my favourite albums of all time and a massive influence on us. It’s no surprise he’s in UNKLE nowadays. He’s got lovely eyes aswell, the sweetheart.

Your music is quite chilled out, does this reflect your personalities?

Some of its chilled out yeah, but most of it’s not. I suppose it does as we’re all mild schizophrenics.

Can you reveal one random fact, comment or trivia about yourselves?

We’re from Hull, Barnsley and Middlesbrough – voted the three worst places to live in England last year. Bet the bloke who came up with that is one cool customer.


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