LIVE REVIEW: Imelda May, HMV Forum (London) 08.10.2010

Killer voice. Killer style.

I had not heard of Imelda May before I saw her. And when I say saw, I mean blinded by.

Dressed in a fierce yellow dress and speaking with a thick Dublin accent, I thought she must have taken the sunshine from Ireland with her when she left. In a way, she probably did.

The youngest of five, Imelda grew up listening to rockn’ roll and blues. I imagine the first chance she got she pulled herself into tight bad-gal jeans and leopard prints and picked up the bodhran.

Even if you hated the rockn’ roll that rocked the world and breathe a quiet “thank you” every day for the fact that it has passed, you can’t deny this woman has a style all her own.  Re-awakening the spirit of she-rockers like Roberta Flack and Wanda Jackson and integrating bluesy rock with the 21st Century takes some work. And if you can do it in heels and a tight yellow dress, more power to you!

Imelda’s hypnotic control of the audience and beguiling presence would be enough to catch a fly on the wall of London’s HMV Forum in her honey-trap. But backed up by a stellar band including double bass and drums, guitar and trumpets, it’s safe to say you are in good hands from the get-go. Much to the delight of everyone around me, gems included in the evening are “Johnny got a Boom Boom”, “Love Tattoo” and too-cool-for-school rendition of “Tainted Love”.

I leave the Forum and step out into the night feeling like I just attended my very own prom, circa 1957. Shortly after I am followed by a mass of people from girls to grannies, who probably did attend their own prom in 1957. Everybody has a smile on their face. Everybody looks like an extra from Grease and I breathe a quiet “thank you” to Imelda May.

She gave us all a boom.

Rating: 4/5
Reviewer: Dominique Gozdawa



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  2. hello, it’s nice here so I am just saying hi. I’ve been watching it for a moment now.

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