ALBUM REVIEW: Hauschka “Foreign Landscapes”

Label: FatCat Records
Release Date: 25.10.2010

This album had me at Alexanderplatz.

It’s been a while since I’ve fallen in love, but  Düsseldorf-based composer Volker Bertelmann…
Well, he might just be the ONE.

“Foreign Landscapes” sees Bertelmann evolve further his cinematic and affecting talent, employing full orchestral help in the form of Magik Magik for this ambitious third album.

Inspired heavily by recent travels, we are introduced in the very first track not only to the instruments featured in the album, but the star of this particular show the landscape that it venerates. “Alexanderplatz” is as sprightly and bustling as the famous square it’s named after, and we are taken along cobbled streets and pulled through markets with Bertelmann as our trusty guide.

That is, until he gets a serious case of the “Iron Shoes” (a condition that Bertelmann uses to describe his feelings of being “stuck” in a big city). Being stuck with Bertelmann is no bad thing. The bustling crowd loosens their grip, and “Iron Shoes” delivers a darker, more sombre tone that forces its listener to stand still for a moment.

Other treasures on this noteworthy album include “Mount Hood”, the beautifully hypnotic “Madeira” and lonesome “Early in the Park“.

The album and I part ways painfully and regretfully, like any good love story. The last track, “Trost” translates as “comfort”, which seemed an artful move by Bertelmann, knowing that a quick replay would bring just that?

This striking album is hard to find fault with. At once intimate, mature and disarming, Bertelmann makes for a charming guide through the landscapes of a rather enthralling landscape.

Reviewer: Dominique Gozdawa


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