ALBUM REVIEW: Ambeson “When Colours Flow”

Release Date: 12th July 2010

Here at The Kaje we receive a lot of promotional material, and every now and again something completely surprises us – “When Colours Flow” is definitely one of those cases. Unsigned Ambeson a.k.a Rich Keyworth has put together an album which makes you question exactly why he isn’t signed up to a label somewhere in the UK.

‘A Window To Look Through’ opens the album in a haze of gentle futurism which sets out Ambeson’s experimental stall. For near-on 90 seconds very simple melody just flows back and forth, in a relaxed manner. At that 90 second mark Ambeson adds the twist which suddenly builds the track with the odd triangle-esque twang, and a second melody moving the listener on beyond the window.

That glimpse  through the window, is only the start with “Carapace” and “Djerzinski” both cracking tracks in their own right. This isn’t a hard-edged experimental album, with scrapes, bangs and friction. This is an album carefully crafted, smooth and subtle. Even the slightly more electronica elements of “Carapace” are tasteful and educated in their inclusion. “Our Blue Opel Friend” is, together with “Triptych”, more developmental with those darker strands of Ambeson’s psyche coming through. But the almost Moby-esque vocals hauntingly taunt the listener before sending them on a little electronic whirlwind.

For the sake of £3 on Bandcamp it’s difficult to see why you shouldn’t buy the album. It has everything you want from a chilled, modern electronica recording. Put it on, sit back and be drawn into the world of Ambeson.

“When Colours Flow” is out now for download.

Rating: 4/5
Reviewer: Constantinos Kypridemos


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