ALBUM REVIEW: Pink Nasty “Pink Nasty”

Record Label: Independent
Release Date: 10.07.2010

She isn’t quite Gossip nor is she Kendall Payne, but she is a kind of mish mosh of the two with just a touch of The Strokes thrown in for good measure. But shouldn’t she have her own identity by her third album?

Identity is all important in the music industry and whilst Pink Nasty manages to sound like a lot of artists, she does in fact manage to sound like herself at the very same time.

Born in the Midwest, Sara Beck, has left Austin, Texas behind and works alongside her brother (the rapper Black Nasty) to craft bipolar pop songs.  When at her strongest, Pink Nasty manages to leave behind the Sheryl Crow-esque country pop of “Sex Kinda Smells” for a rawer edge.

Album opener “Sandstorm Temper” kicks proceedings off in a suitable manner. A strong vocal is evident and the rockier edge suits Beck’s ‘love me or leave me’ nonchalance. An attitude which is broadly explored throughout the record to perfection. However, occasionally Pink nasty falls accidentally into a Lisa Loeb self-obsessed mode, “Pud Kee Mow” proving exactly why it is that she should not attempt this route.

It is when she takes in The Strokes and Weezer on “Take You All On” and “Eating Nerds” that Pink Nasty really comes into her own. Yet the sound has already been vastly explored and lacks the originality that perhaps would have been expected of a third album.

Pink Nasty is far from untalented. Her vocal is full of character and her writing boasts as directness. All that could be asked of a further album is a bit experimentation away from her obvious influences.

Rating: 3/5
Reviewer: Jeremy Williams


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