The Kaje talks “Colours” to Graffiti6

Having met to work on singer Jamie Scott’s material, Graffiti6 was born out of a joint love for music and a mutual passion for jamming. Less than two years later the pair, the aforementioned Jamie Scott and ex-Right Said Fred producer Tommy D are set to release debut album “Colours”. Having already impressed The Sun with their efforts, the pair tell us about their plans for  potential global domination…

“Stare Into The Sun” has been described by many as the single of the summer. How do you feel about this description?

It’s the single of every summer. Its got that lying on the grass smelling the BBQ kinda sound. Its funny cos the lyrics are actually quite sad but  we have a way of marrying vein opening lyrics, happy sounds and a banging beat!!

The video is bright and colourful, can you tell us the thought behind it…

Its Jimi’s baby. He has a brilliantly abstract mind and he does love his colour. I think it was his love of colour that drew us to him, it just seem to fit the music. The shoot day was such an amazing laugh. Most of the people in the video are fans who we invited down to dress up, dance around and they were all absolutely up for it, so big thank you shout out to all those that came down.

Talking “Colours”, tell us about your debut album…

It is the culmination of 18 months work although it is actually probably only 2 months of actual work and 16 months of drinking and playing Monopoly. Listening to it now there’s quite a variation of sounds going on although at the time it didn’t feel like that. Because there’s only two of us we can be really flexible with the sounds we use, we’re not having to find something for the sax player to do. Theres something for everyone in there like a big bag of assorted things that everyone likes.

Your singles to date have veered towards the upbeat, is this to be expected of the album?

Upbeat in the sense that we have a big smile on our faces when we’re making it but the tempos all vary. We have a speed war, is it to slow or too fast. I always think everything can be faster, it’s the punk in me.

Your track “Goodbye Geoffrey Drake” deals with the aftermath of man who murdered his ex. Were you inspired by the Raoul Moat saga?

Actually it was inspired by Johnny Cash. It started with the riff guitar and we decided that we should write something a bit dark, a bit Johnny cash like. Of course as soon as we got the beat going we were dancing round the room so it’s not all doom and gloom.

We wrote it the week before Derek Bird went on the rampage in Cumbria so yes that was a little weird. Actually one of the things that struck me about that whole incident was an interview with one of the victims man who said he felt sorry for Bird. He thought that here was a normal man who just broke one day. We all have those moments where we just go enough is enough and perhaps do something we live to regret. We don’t normally go shooting up the place like Bird did or killing your girlfriend like Geoffrey did though, we just get a bit pissed up and eat a dodgy curry.

What have been other unusual sources of inspiration?

Life, love, you know, usual things. Love is the single biggest mystery on the planet, far more than our actual existence. Most of our songs have the underline message that whatever your going through someone somewhere is also going through it so you’re not alone. Pick yourself up n dust yourself off.

Do you have a favourite track on the album?

No of course not, that’s like saying you like one of your children better than the others. I don’t want to give any of the tracks a complex.

Now the album is recorded, can we expect an array of live dates?

Yeah I shall be travelling the length and breadth of the land doing cookery demonstrations and needlecraft lessons. In between, Graffiti6 will be playing UK, Denmark, Belgium, Holland, Spain and the US.

You have been building your live reputation with regular performances at London’s Vibe Bar. Do you plan to continue your monthly slot?

Yeah but not at the Vibe bar, we’re looking at venues now. We need a home. Its great having a regular place and there are so many great bands out there we want to highlight.

What has been your most memorable performance to date?

Lowlands festival in Holland in front of 10 thousand people singing “Stare Into the Sun” was pretty special. We played to 30 people on a very rainy night in Leeds and it was one of the best. We had the whole crowd going and they danced like mad. We love Leeds!!

Your sound is very different to the 80s heavy industry, are you worried people may try copy your sound?

Oh everyone copies everyone. Lets face it we’re all just building on top of the legacies from the past, trying to make something that inspires others the way we were.  It’s an honour when people try to copy what we do but if people just blatantly lift your work and not actually better it then that is lazy and wrong. Theres all kinds of ideas in Graffiti6. We like the concept of mixing things up, 4 part harmonies with beats, like on Stone In My Heart. You have to go with what you like, play to your strengths. If you just try to copy what is in the charts you’ll just end up chasing your tail. Love what you do, not do what you love.

Can you explain Jimi Crayon’s involvement in the project?

When we saw Jimi’s work and we met him he just seemed to be on the same page as us. His artwork is big like our music is big. It demands your attention. I love the idea that his work with us will grow and change over time and through the artwork you’ll see how his head is as much as you’ll see where we’re at with the music.

Will Graffiti6 remain a duo, or do you plan on bringing other artists in as the project develops?

Who knows. We’ve started writing and producing for other artists. There is an amazing singer called Charlotte O’Connor who we’ve done some tracks with and she’s gonna be huge.

The internet has played a big role in your development. Do you plan on finding novel ways to use the medium to your benefit?

There are a lot of people who see the internet as a threat to music and musicians. This is completely short-sighted. For the first time in history you can create today, post tomorrow, get an instant world-wide reaction the day after and be forgotten next week. That’s a hell of a powerful tool. The only important thing to remember is you can’t just take take take. If you like something, you need to give back somehow, its called karma. Perhaps that means downloading the music or buying the T-shirt or going to a gig. It might be as simple as encouraging all your mates to get the local radio to play the band or buying the CD for your granny. Either way if people just assume that musicians can make a living from playing gigs or that its ok cos someone else will pay towards the upkeep of this music then they are sadly deluded. If you like something then invest in it.

“Colours” is released October 4th.

WIN! To get your hands on a signed copy of “Colours”, simply tell us the name of the artist who does Graffiti6’s artwork… Answers to


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