FEATURE: Alexis Gerred “If it’s good enough for Elton John and Stephen Fry, it’s good enough for me.”

You may well recognise West End Virgin Alexis Gerred from his recent attempt to conquer Eurovision. Having narrowly missed the opportunity to represent his country, Alexis found himself snapped up to appear in the stage adaptation of Clayton Littlewood’s “Dirty White Boy: Tales Of Soho.” The Kaje managed to grab Alexis for a quick chat to find out more.

Have you been a fan of the Eurovision for a long time?

We always used to watch Eurovision every year as a family when I was a child and we always used to really enjoy it! However we all lost interest when it became less about the music and more about the politics… You could have put The Beatles on the stage and we would have still finished near enough bottom. I think Lord Webber’s year was a great stepping-stone to make the UK an entry to be taken seriously!

Were you very disappointed to have lost out?

There is always going to be an element of disappointment but I was just honored to get as far as I did. Everything happens for a reason and there is a reason Josh will now represent us and support him all the way. He’s a great guy, incredibly talented and a good friend. GO JOSH!

Are you worried that people may write you off as a failed Eurovision attempt?

Not at all. I had the best experience of my life on that stage and I knew that the fantastic team around me would help me work so hard to feel that feeling once again. Things have snowballed since the show and I’m delighted to be in the fantastic position I now find myself in.

Instead, you will be making your West End debut. Are you excited?

Extremely excited! It’s hard to put into words how much it means to me. I will give it 150% and just hope my performance does everyone proud.

Can you tell us a little bit more about “Dirty White Boy: The Tales Of Soho”..

The whole thing originated from the MySpace blogs about the daily happenings around a shop called ‘Dirty White Boy’ in Soho which was owned by Clayton Littlewood and Jorge Betancourt. As you can imagine, Clay didn’t write about the milkman or how bad London transport was… he had far too much to talk about in the variety of ‘Sohoite’s’ that walked in and out of his shop. The blogs were so successful that they were turned into a cult, award-winning book that has now been adapted for the stage. The book carries you through a roller-coaster of emotions and storylines that is not only incredibly witty but tragic at times… which makes it really addictive.

In all honesty I hadn’t read it before getting the role, but I haven’t put it down since. It’s a fantastic book. And if it’s good enough for Elton John and Stephen Fry (who both giving it rave reviews) it’s good enough for me.

You will be taking on the title role – can you tell us more about your character?

I would say I’m the stitch between the material. My character conveys the tone and the emotion through some very iconic song. In addition I take
on a number of characters throughout the play.

What about the role appealed to you?

Working with such talented people. Clayton has a great gift in writing and this has been proved through the reviews and celebrity endorsements. David Benson is an incredibly talented and versatile actor and the Producer, Director and MD all have a great amount of experience and credits behind them. For me, it’s got to be a recipe for a great show. A major bonus for me is that I am able to stamp my mark on this role as it’s open to my interpretation as I will be the first ever to play it.

The role is primarily that of a singer – where do your ambitions lie – in music or theatre?

I love to sing with all my heart but I’m a performer. I always have been, even from a child. As long as I perform… I’m a happy man.

What would be your dream role?

Without a doubt Galileo in We Will Rock You…what better role than to sing the songs you love and grew up with every night. I hear there’s a sequel to We Will Rock You coming out in the near future…


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