The Kaje Sessions: Dave H

Last week we launched The Kaje Sessions to a barrage of interest from artists both established and upcoming, but Dave H submitted his own session in record time. The former Bassland singer has gone solo, with a stab at the pop terrain he loves best. A real Diane Warren fan, “Anymore” sees Dave H in Delta Goodrem/Darren Hayes/Mariah Carey territory. The heartfelt performance is carried out whilst Dave prepares chicken fajitas for us all – genius!

Where did you record the Kaje Session?

This was recorded in my kitchen… I know,  I’m wild!  Just before making chicken fajitas though… yum!

What made you choose this location?

I originally wanted to do it on the balcony but I couldn’t get a power supply out the window.  I thought the kitchen would be good, just back from work after doing the day job.

What is the most unusual live date you’ve played?

Probably in this little pub in Gloucester.  It was a gig for the Severn Bore which is this wave that happens on the river once a year.

What made you choose “Anymore” for the session?

People say this is my best song.  Or at least one of them!  I love it too.  I really relate to it.  It was written at a rather traumatic time in my life where everything went wrong at the same time.  This song is about how I felt.  I think many people go through similar experiences so hopefully people can relate to it.

If like Dave H, you would like to demonstrate your abilities (be it singing, acting, painting, comedy, poetry – anything goes!) on The Kaje Sessions, simply e-mail with details of the talent you’d like to demonstrate!


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