The Kaje talks “Left” to Mademoiselle Caro

Mademoiselle Caro may well have spent the past eight years as one of the resident DJs at the legendary Rex Club in Paris, but 2008 marked the release of the critically acclaimed “Far Away”, Caro’s collaborative project with Perpignan based Franck Garcia. With their debut effort hailed by The Times as a ‘modern classic’, the pair set to work on the follow-up, the divine “Left”. Here at The Kaje we can’t get enough of the record, so were very excited to be granted a few minutes of Mademoiselle Caro’s time to ask a few questions…

Before we talk about “Left”, can you tell us how the collaboration with Franck Garcia came around?

We met in the South of France, in Perpignan to be precise, in around 2005. I moved a little while later to Paris. Franck wanted me to do some production. After that “Far Away” was born.

How did you first get into singing?

I took singing lessons for two years, and I hope that it makes a difference! I didn’t know I would have to sing a lot in “Pain Disappears” and I wasn’t enough prepared to that.  So, I wanted to sing better for the second album.

Having both worked on solo projects previously, how do you find working in partnership?

As we do not live in the same city, we each begin by working on our own parts. We note down ideas of melodies, lyrics and when we have some materials, I go to Perpignan and we begin the studio sessions.

How did you approach creating  the sound you wanted to create?

Everything was very organically constructed, we did not really say ourselves “we want to make pop”. Franck has been a musician for a long time, thus it is not very surprising for him to make pop.

We wanted to make shorter titles than in the previous record, and as we are fans of stringed instrumentals we wanted to have more of them. Lyrically we had more things to say.

Generally, we make all the songs together, but Franck plays all of instruments.

With song titles including “Faith” and “Drive”, you could almost be mistaken for a British rock act and opposed to a French electro duo. What made you settle on the short but sweet titles?

For “Faith”, we didn’t want to do a “talking”, so we have created a simple melody in order to talk on this ; “Drive” was created some time before, we have re-worked it, for this one we started with a more organic musical base, more seventies inspired. As “Faith” is a low track, we wanted to have dynamic songs after.

These two tracks are completely different. “Faith” is about the death of a relative, and “Drive” describes a person who makes his way to hell.

All our songs are inspired by our lives; and for names, you would not be interested in them.

“Faith” and “Smile” . Of course with hindsight we find defects, but it is necessary to stop one day otherwise we  never finish.

With work in the studio centering around the two of you, how are you altering this for your live dates?

Our live group is composed of drums, guitar, low keyboard and voice. We have already started, and we are very satisfied with the results. Tour dates are planned in 2010.

Finally, if you were stuck on a boat and had only got access to one song, what song would it be?

Echo & The Bunnymen – “The Killing Moon”


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